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Chaos the Mad God is the main antagonist of the Vampirella series and one of the titular heroine’s recurring foes. He is an demonic God of Evil and is the master of the Blood Red Queen of Hearts.

He arguably the most powerful Foe that Vampirella has ever met and leads the Cult of Chaos a cult that worships him to get all of the powers of his victims. He desire to take over the universe and is the father of Nyx his half human,half Demon daughter who is also one of Vampirella's enemies.

He even developed his own cult of followers who have performed many sacrifices for his own ends but is constantly thwarted by Vampirella.

As a demon god, he is sometimes a stand-in for Satan. As his name states he is the opposite of his counterpart, the God of Order. He also does not take failure lightly as he almost always punishes The Blood Red Queen of Hearts. He also had Dracula as a servant sometimes.