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Creating logic out of Illogic.
~ The slogan of the Chaos Insurgency.
Should intermittent vengeance arm again his red right hand to plague us?
~ Another slogan used by the Insurgency.
The Overseers’ cancerous anomalous influence on the world is a wound on the fabric of the universe.
A wound that festers cannot heal until the irritant is removed.
The Thirteen Foundation Overseers are the irritant in the wound on our reality.
The Thirteen Foundation Overseers must be removed.
By order of The Engineer, and of Those Who Stepped Down, we stand in defiance of this aberration.
We stand in opposition to this blasphemy against nature.
We stand insurgent against this chaos.
Our path is clear, our vision unclouded. We must clean out the wound. We must let our universe heal.
We must destroy the Thirteen Foundation Overseers.
~ From SCP-001 "The Way It Ends".

The Chaos Insurgency (or C.I.) is a major rival organization of the SCP Foundation and was implied to be the main catalyst and overarching antagonists of SCP - Containment Breach. The Chaos Insurgency was formed by former agents from the SCP Foundation who defected from the organization and attempted to destroy it. The Chaos Insurgency has access to a more limited amount of SCPs than the Foundation but is more willing to use them without restriction. This organization consists of about 16 main members.

In SCP - Containment Breach, it was implied that Dr. Maynard, one SCP Foundation doctor, was actually a mole for the Insurgency.


Possible Origins

Common Origin

The Chaos Insurgency first started out in 1924 as a special task force formed by the O5 Council named the "Insurgency". This new task force was comprised of members of the Mobile Task Force Alpha-1, also known as the "Red Right Hand", a special MTF clossely associated with the Council, and their leadership was supported by research, security, and retrieval personnel, all taken from Foundation ranks. This task force was secretly created to complete missions with ethically questionable methods and politically unsavory results, while making themselves appear as they were a defecting splinter group from the Foundation, in order to keep the nature and reputation of the SCP Foundation clean.

However, in 1948, after the Insurgency had done another staged raid on one of the Foundation's site, seizing several SCP objects and convincing personnel to join them, the task force went on to do unplanned raids and this time delivering more serious damage to sites and personnel. The Insurgency had decided to betray the Foundation for real due to reasons unknown and renamed themselves the "Chaos Insurgency", much to the shock of the O5 Council.


Following the end of World War I, a great number of SCP Foundation personnel who were affected by the war began arguing that they should use some of the anomalies to benefit humanity. Since this argument had been active since the creation of the Foundation it was largely ignored by the O5 Council. However, these personnel were determined in their idea and after becoming disillusioned with the Foundation decided to publish a manifesto. This manifesto which was created by anonymous high-level personnel accused the Foundation of allowing horrible things to happen and not using beneficial anomalies and when O5-7 banned the manifesto more personnel became angry at this and riots began forming around large facilities. This led to the majority of the O5 Council to try and resolve this situation and punish the personnel, while O5-9 and O5-11 highly approved of the personnel's ideas.

This led to vote of No Confidence in the O5 Council which would have dissolve and replace the entire council. While that was going on O5-9 and O5-11 ordered a MTF to capture the other members of the Council, but only found O5-3 and O5-12, with the others already fleeing and seeking refuge. The MTF and both O5 were killed when the Council's guard tried to defend them, and following that the surviving second-in-command of the MTF who opposed all of this tried to arrest O5-9 and O5-11, but no success as they had also fled to Site-37. The two former members of the Council formed a Triad with the site's director and sought to take over the Foundation by promising its personnel more freedom. Following the fall of the Foundation Command Headquarters the Triad and its forces resisted the MTF that was sent to attack them, forcing them to retreat. The Triad then revealed to all personnel the hidden acts done by the Council which sparked further outrage and support for the Triad and soon the Foundation Civil War started which lasted from June 12 1924 to October 10 1926 was completely covered-up by the Council. During the war the Triad properly organized themselves and attacked several Foundation facilities all over the world, while the Loyalist Foundation was struggling to win.

Eventually the Triad was able to outnumber the desperate Loyalist who formed one last strategy. This new strategy involved most Loyalist forces preparing to attack the Triad's headquarters in Africa while they sent a plane which contained false Level-5 documents which as expected was shot down and its content claimed by the Triad. The content alluded to a Keter-class SCP being developed in Site-99 in the Artic and the Triad believing it to be true went there to prevent the Loyalist from using it against them. However, upon arriving at the supposed location of Site-99 the Triad forces were ambushed by the Loyalist's MTF Xi-13, dealing a massive blow to the Triad and became known as the "Far North Massacre". As a result of this the Loyalist were able to capture the former O5-11 and had him tell core information about the Triad. As the Triad began suffering from numerous defeats they transferred their reserves to their headquarters in Africa which was also attacked by the Loyalist. Following this the Loyalist Foundation demanded that the war to cease and establish peace and have the Triad admit that they were wrong, but the Triad refused, calling the Proclamation as just other lies and kept fighting in vain. As the war went on, former O5-9 was secretly assassinated by the Loyalist, leaving the director of Site-37 on his own. The Triad then attempted to use the SCPs under their possession to fight against the Loyalist, but to no avail and eventually all the forces of the Triad withdrew to Sector-12 in Scotland which was then attacked and destroyed by the Loyalist.

Despite thinking that it was the end of the Triad, the survivors who managed to escape regrouped and formed the then small Chaos Insurgency and remained in hiding until 1933. During World War I the Insurgency tried to seize Site-41, but were unsuccessful. In the Sino-Indian War the personnel stationed at Armed Site-59 tried to defect to the Chaos Insurgency but thankfully it was stopped by the intervention of Foundation Armed Rapid Response Task Force Xi-13.

Ouroboros Cycle

In 1926, after O5-1 saw that the Administrator Fredrick Williams had become an anomaly with great powers which were capable of destroying entire facilities, he decided to secretly form a way to kill Williams due to the threat posed by him. The blame about the destruction of the sites was put to fabricated group of powerful reality benders named the "Kingdom of Abaddon" which presumably began attacking the SCP Foundation. O5-1 and his research team Omega-5 began forming a plan to stop the Administrator under the pretext of trying to stop the Kingdom, which eventually lead to the creation of SCP-001, also known as the Children. After making sure that the new weapon formed by the braindead bodies of powerful radioactive children experimented on by the research team, O5-1 proceeded to order the weapon to completely disintegrate Williams and upon doing so he immediately fled alongside the rest of Omega-5.

Eventually half of the personnel of Site 15 defected the Foundation and joined with the members of the research team and became the Chaos Insurgency. After the O5 Council was established following the incident, the Chaos Insurgency figured that the Overseers had become anomalous and because of this their existence threatened the safety of the world and so they became determined to end the threat posed by the Council and save the world no matter the cost.


The Chaos Insurgency is opposite to the Foundation who contained their SCPs and put most of them under strict surveillance. The Insurgency is quite the polar opposite, as they would like to utilize the SCP artifacts as their tools. The Insurgency also wants to take down the SCP Foundation for its "lies" by possibly unleashing several harmful and even hostile SCPs. They have provoked multiple riots against the Foundation. They are also implied to have killed approximately 375 students at Kirk Lonwood High School during anomalous experiments, although they claim the Foundation was responsible.

The Insurgency's treachery caused panic from the O5 Council, who had been responsible for the Insurgency's creation. Soon, the Insurgency became one of the most fearsome human enemy faction to the SCP Foundation, which would utilize all kinds of ways in order to neutralize the Foundation itself, including sending spies into it.   

The Insurgency usually operates in developing countries, often having a relationship with the corrupt regimes that control these nations. The Insurgency often helps keep these governments in power in exchange for facilities and resources. The Insurgency is also known to have citizens from these countries as test-subjects in their experiments in a similar manner the Foundation uses D-Class personnel.

Besides anomalies, the Chaos Insurgency also trade in weapons and intelligence.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

As expected the Chaos Insurgency is extremely hostile towards the SCP Foundation. The Insurgency is also enemies to the Global Occult Coalition, and the Unusual Incidents Unit.

The Chaos Insurgency at first had a friendly relationship with the Serpent's Hand, and the Wanderer's Library who at first saw them as fellow wanderers who also sought knowledge and help humanity. However, the Insurgency soon began taking advantage of the Library and even threatened some members of the groups, which led them to their expulsion from the Library and being deemed as another enemy to the Hand.

As mentioned in SCP-5001, following the dissolution of GRU Division "P", a great number of members decided to join the Insurgency which allowed the latter access to some of the division's classified information.

Famed anartist Olivia Torres, also known as Ivory, was a member of Are We Cool Yet?, but as the Foundation kept relentlessly pursuing her she eventually joined the Chaos Insurgency.

When General Bowe decided to form a group to destroy the SCP Foundation for good, the Chaos Insurgency pledged its alliance to him and alongside other members from other GoIs formed the Foundation Elimination Coalition. However, this group was short-lived due to its defeat by the Foundation.

The Chaos Insurgency once attempted to take over the company of Doctor Wondertainment by having their double agent Jubal Gollancz to become their puppet leader. However, Gollancz became overwhelmed by the spirit of the company and abandoned the Insurgency, becoming a full member of Dr. Wondertainment.

In Other Media

In Video Games

In SCP - Containment Breach

Insurgency soldiers when they appeared in SCP - Containment Breach

The soldiers from the Chaos Insurgency appeared at one of the endings of SCP - Containment Breach, but it is highly implied the entire C.I. serves as the mastermind of the whole thing.

If the player had the Gate A opened and did not have SCP-106 contained, SCP-106 will distract the firing of the guards of SCP Foundation after he got out from the Gate A. After SCP-106 sunk back into the ground, the guards will cease fire. Successfully avoiding the guards by walking under the bridge and through a secret tunnel will make the players to meet the soldiers from the Chaos Insurgency, who arrived and took the player away without any harm, in order to know more secrets of the Foundation from the protagonist in order to achieve another goal (judging by their following words "You know too much to let them get you. You're coming with us."). This is one of the two endings that do not result in your death.

Conspiracy theories

Chaos Insurgency's mark in SCP - Containment Brach

Despite the soldiers of the Chaos Insurgency only appearing at one of the endings, it was implied that the Chaos Insurgency orchestrated the entire event happening in SCP - Containment Breach. One of the doctors of SCP Foundation, Dr. Maynard, was implied to be a spy working for the Insurgency, which was implied by a note from his office, "YOU MADE IT SO EASY. NICE WORK, FOUNDATION.". This implied that Dr. Maynard is not a loyalist to the Foundation, and would be highly possible to be an Insurgency spy. Also, some conversations mentioning Dr. Maynard also implied that Dr. Maynard was a new entry in the Foundation and was pretty able to do his work, further the suspicion.

It is also highly theorized that Dr. Maynard could have given SCP-079 the full access to the system of the Site. Support for this notion comes from the monitor in SCP-079's control room saying "you have control now", and SCP-079's actions of manipulating the player to escape could also be a reference that the Chaos Insurgency leaders are manipulating the protagonist all along in order to find someone who will spill the Foundation's secrets.

If it was real, then the whole story will become clear; Dr. Maynard advanced SCP-079's intelligence under the order of his possible boss, the Chaos Insurgency, to shut off the electric device of the entire Site, causing SCP-173's containment breach and setting all of the events in the entire SCP - Containment Breach. Considering the nature of the Insurgency of using dangerous SCPs as their tools, it is very likely that they had caused this containment breach of SCP-173 and SCP-106.

However, Dr. Maynard would soon suffer a horrible fate as he was incapacitated and dragged into SCP-106's pocket dimension, later to die and drop from the ceiling right in front of the player, leaving a password for his office on a corroded piece of paper. In addition, it was unknown what happened to the protagonist when the Chaos Insurgency took him away safely. Even so, if the Chaos Insurgency did orchestrate the entire event, then they had succeeded to plunge the entire SCP Foundation into total chaos.

In SCP: Secret Laboratory

The soldiers of the Chaos Insurgency appear in the game SCP: Secret Laboratory. The soldiers can spawn in waves throughout the round, they also have a chance of spawning at the beginning of the round and replacing the facility guards. In order for them to spawn they must some spawn tickets and if they run out the Chaos Insurgents will stop spawning.

Soldiers arrive by an armored vehicle under the bridge at Gate A in the Surface Zone. Upon spawning, any Class-D and other Chaos Insurgents in the game will hear an audio cue. The main objective for the Chaos Insurgents to win is to rescue any Class-D personnel, and killing scientists and MTF members, while neutralizing SCPs is not required for Insurgents to win.

Unlike the MTF, Chaos Insurgents are not divided by ranks and they all have the same equipment.



  • In SCP - Containment Breach, the logo of the Chaos Insurgency resembles a shattered or cracked-up version of the SCP Foundation's logo, implying their goal of breaking the Foundation apart.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, the Chaos Insurgency was part of the Wanderers which was also comprised by the Serpent's Hand and the Wanderer's Library, and was one of the GoIs that made up the Compendium.
  • The Chaos Insurgency's slogan is taken from John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book II, 170-174 in which the fallen angel Belial talks about God's against those who took part in Lucifer's rebellion, similar to how the CI rebelled against the SCP Foundation.
  • Foundation psychologist Dr. Simon Glass has a relative who is a member of the Chaos Insurgency.

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