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Creating logic out of Illogic.
~ The slogan of the Chaos Insurgency.
Should intermittent vengeance arm again his red right hand to plague us?
~ Another slogan used by the Insurgency.
The Overseers’ cancerous anomalous influence on the world is a wound on the fabric of the universe.
A wound that festers cannot heal until the irritant is removed.
The Thirteen Foundation Overseers are the irritant in the wound on our reality.
The Thirteen Foundation Overseers must be removed.
By order of The Engineer, and of Those Who Stepped Down, we stand in defiance of this aberration.
We stand in opposition to this blasphemy against nature.
We stand insurgent against this chaos.
Our path is clear, our vision unclouded. We must clean out the wound. We must let our universe heal.
We must destroy the Thirteen Foundation Overseers.
~ From SCP-001 "The Way It Ends".
We're going to restore the Foundation's former greatness. The men of conscience who formed the Chaos Insurgency had the right idea; they took a moral stand, and they're taking it still. Do you know, the Council removed their names from the walls of honour? They've torn down monuments to the brave warriors of the Red Right Hand. Shameful! The insurgents were the true patriots.
~ General Bowe in SCP-5974.

The Chaos Insurgency (or C.I.) is a major rival organization of the SCP Foundation and was implied to be the main catalyst and overarching antagonists of SCP - Containment Breach. The Chaos Insurgency was formed by former agents from the SCP Foundation who defected from the organization and attempt to destroy it. The Chaos Insurgency has access to a more limited amount of SCPs than the Foundation but is more willing to use them without restriction. This organization consists of about 16 main members. They are one of the many anomalies given the designation of SCP-001.

The Insurgency plays a central role in the "New Age - a Tale", "Conspiracy", "SUBVERSION", "Ouroboros Cycle", "Heart of Darkness" and "Revolution Earth" series. In SCP - Containment Breach, it was implied that Dr. Maynard, one SCP Foundation doctor, was actually a mole for the Insurgency.


Possible Origins

Common Origin

The Chaos Insurgency first started out in 1924 as a special task force formed by the O5 Council named the "Insurgency". This new task force was comprised of members of the Mobile Task Force Alpha-1, also known as the "Red Right Hand", a special MTF clossely associated with the Council, and their leadership was supported by research, security, and retrieval personnel, all taken from Foundation ranks. This task force was secretly created to complete missions with ethically questionable methods and politically unsavory results, while making themselves appear as they were a defecting splinter group from the Foundation, in order to keep the nature and reputation of the SCP Foundation clean.

However, in 1948, after the Insurgency had done another staged raid on one of the Foundation's site, seizing several SCP objects and convincing personnel to join them, the task force went on to do unplanned raids and this time delivering more serious damage to sites and personnel. The Insurgency had decided to betray the Foundation for real due to reasons unknown and renamed themselves the "Chaos Insurgency", much to the shock of the O5 Council. It is later suggested that at some point, the Insurgency came across a powerful anomaly only known as the Engine which took control of them. The Insurgency's leader who could directly communicate with the Engine became known as the Engineer and went on to attack the Foundation in order to appease the Engine.


Around 1914, as O5-11, Elizabeth Tate, became convinced that the Foundation was mistreating the humanoid anomalies under their containment and decided to take matters into her hands after being continually rebuked for her opinions. She and her husband O5-12 were able to convince O5-7 and O5-4 into joining them and soon after hiding themselves began to strike various Foundation transports, stealing various artifacts and rescuing some humanoids. Eventually they formed the Chaos Insurgency and planned even more attacks in order for the Council to understand their mistakes.


Following the end of World War I, a great number of SCP Foundation personnel who were affected by the war began arguing that they should use some of the anomalies to benefit humanity. Since this argument had been active since the creation of the Foundation it was largely ignored by the O5 Council. However, these personnel were determined in their idea and after becoming disillusioned with the Foundation decided to publish a manifesto. This manifesto which was created by anonymous high-level personnel accused the Foundation of allowing horrible things to happen and not using beneficial anomalies and when O5-7 banned the manifesto more personnel became angry at this and riots began forming around large facilities. This led to the majority of the O5 Council to try and resolve this situation and punish the personnel, while O5-9 and O5-11 highly approved of the personnel's ideas.

This led to vote of No Confidence in the O5 Council which would have dissolve and replace the entire council. While that was going on O5-9 and O5-11 ordered a MTF to capture the other members of the Council, but only found O5-3 and O5-12, with the others already fleeing and seeking refuge. The MTF and both O5 were killed when the Council's guard tried to defend them, and following that the surviving second-in-command of the MTF who opposed all of this tried to arrest O5-9 and O5-11, but no success as they had also fled to Site-37. The two former members of the Council formed a Triad with the site's director and sought to take over the Foundation by promising its personnel more freedom. Following the fall of the Foundation Command Headquarters the Triad and its forces resisted the MTF that was sent to attack them, forcing them to retreat. The Triad then revealed to all personnel the hidden acts done by the Council which sparked further outrage and support for the Triad and soon the Foundation Civil War started which lasted from June 12 1924 to October 10 1926 was completely covered-up by the Council. During the war the Triad properly organized themselves and attacked several Foundation facilities all over the world, while the Loyalist Foundation was struggling to win.

Eventually the Triad was able to outnumber the desperate Loyalist who formed one last strategy. This new strategy involved most Loyalist forces preparing to attack the Triad's headquarters in Africa while they sent a plane which contained false Level-5 documents which as expected was shot down and its content claimed by the Triad. The content alluded to a Keter-class SCP being developed in Site-99 in the Artic and the Triad believing it to be true went there to prevent the Loyalist from using it against them. However, upon arriving at the supposed location of Site-99 the Triad forces were ambushed by the Loyalist's MTF Xi-13, dealing a massive blow to the Triad and became known as the "Far North Massacre". As a result of this the Loyalist were able to capture the former O5-11 and had him tell core information about the Triad. As the Triad began suffering from numerous defeats they transferred their reserves to their headquarters in Africa which was also attacked by the Loyalist. Following this the Loyalist Foundation demanded that the war to cease and establish peace and have the Triad admit that they were wrong, but the Triad refused, calling the Proclamation as just other lies and kept fighting in vain. As the war went on, former O5-9 was secretly assassinated by the Loyalist, leaving the director of Site-37 on his own. The Triad then attempted to use the SCPs under their possession to fight against the Loyalist, but to no avail and eventually all the forces of the Triad withdrew to Sector-12 in Scotland which was then attacked and destroyed by the Loyalist.

Despite thinking that it was the end of the Triad, the survivors who managed to escape regrouped and formed the then small Chaos Insurgency and remained in hiding until 1933. During World War I the Insurgency tried to seize Site-41, but were unsuccessful. In the Sino-Indian War the personnel stationed at Armed Site-59 tried to defect to the Chaos Insurgency but thankfully it was stopped by the intervention of Foundation Armed Rapid Response Task Force Xi-13.

Ouroboros Cycle

In 1926, after O5-1, Aaron Siegel, saw that the Administrator Fredrick Williams had become an anomaly with great powers which were capable of destroying entire facilities, he decided to secretly form a way to kill Williams due to the threat posed by him. The blame about the destruction of the sites was put on a fabricated group of powerful reality benders named the "Kingdom of Abaddon" which presumably began attacking the SCP Foundation. O5-1 and his research team Omega-5 began forming a plan to stop the Administrator under the pretext of trying to stop the Kingdom, which eventually lead to the creation of SCP-001, also known as the Children. After making sure that the new weapon formed by the braindead bodies of powerful radioactive children experimented on by the research team, O5-1 proceeded to order the weapon to completely disintegrate Williams and upon doing so he immediately fled alongside the rest of Omega-5.

Eventually half of the personnel of Site 15 defected the Foundation and joined with the members of the research team and became the Chaos Insurgency. After the O5 Council was established following the incident, the Chaos Insurgency figured that the Overseers had become anomalous and because of this their existence threatened the safety of the world and so they became determined to end the threat posed by the Council and save the world no matter the cost. The former O5-1 who had taken the title of the Enginneer went after the newly formed Council himself, but after killing all of them he for unknown reasons betrayed the Insurgency, took back the title of O5-1 and formed a new iteration of the Council. This left Vincent Arians, close friend of Siegel who helped found the Insurgency, to become the new Engineer and guide the organization in their never-ending war with the Foundation. Meanwhile, O5-6/The American of the iteration of the Council would later form the first ever MTF, Alpha-1 to hunt down members of the Insurgency.

SCP-001 (KingPogan's Proposal)

In this alternate universe, the Chaos Insurgency was first founded by Edward Thompson who previously worked as O5-1 and the Administrator of the SCP Foundation which he also helped create. However, during his time at the Foundation, he became confused at how the Foundation was able to grow so fast and become so powerful, but he eventually figured out that it was because of a mathematical theorem known as the "chaos theory". After intense studying around the world, Thompson realized that because the Foundation's growth the universal balance the entire world would undergo an event known as "Apex Cascade" which would cause massive chaos of anomalies. He tried to explain this to his fellow Overseers, but seeing that they would not listen, he and several men defected the Foundation and formed the Chaos Insurgency in order to balance the universe and keep it from being engulfed into chaos. They build a massive machine containing an AI known as "The Engine" which would help them in their quest, and after it became powerful enough The Engine told Thompson of how in every single universe (including the Prime Universe) in which the Foundation was present there was always the Insurgency which acted as its counterbalance unbeknownst to them or not, and in those universes in which the Insurgency failed their world were completely destroyed. This prompted Thompson, now referred to as The Engineer, to try and keep the two organizations balanced in order to ensure his universe's safety.

The Foundation first encountered the Insurgency during their first era of existence between 19██ to 1973, attacking various Foundation sites such as Site-18 in 1958 which led to SCP-682 breaching containment, but during this time the Insurgency's activity was nearly nonexistent and through time had been in decline mostly due to the Insurgents losing interest in their mission after being taken away from other Insurgents. Eventually, as the Insurgency began activating on SCP-001-A, The Engine, to reset reality in the case Apex Cascade happened, the Foundation sent Joint Task Force-001 Alpha to stop them. This attack resulted in the successful neutralization of the Insurgency, but following the attack The Engineer sent a message to the Council explaining the reason why the Insurgency existed and why it attacked the Foundation before properly explaining the Apex Cascade event. This left the Council to take the SCP-001 designation from the Insurgency and use it to designate the event, while their universe succumbed to chaos.

Possible Endings

Quiet Days

One day, for unknown reasons, every single anomaly which ever existed was either neutralized or normalized, much to the shock of all of the GoIs. In the aftermath, the Chaos Insurgency completely destroyed what remained of the Serpent's Hand, before beginning to tear themselves asunder. The remaining members were then all captured by the Foundation and executed.


In December of 2018, after the Veil of Secrecy was destroyed as a result of Mekhane's appearance on Russia and the destruction of SCP-610, the anomalous world became public knowledge, which allowed the Insurgency to finally go public. They proceeded to handle the drug trade in Mexico and coupled with the riots fueled by the Serpent's Hand, it eventually lead to a civil war in 2021. In 2022, the war arrived to Texas/New Mexico border which prompted the Foundation to send its forces to stop the Insurgency and the Hand.

SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal III)

After getting his hands on Agent Ukulele's journal describing all of the current Overseers esteemed Insurgent Calvin Lucien presented his plan to Delta Command to assassinate each Overseer before destroying the Foundation and free the world from their influence and the anomalous. Although the Command was against this due to their primary objective having been to simply keep the Foundation at bay, they soon became convinced and agreed to Lucien's plan after he also revealed that he possessed vials containing water from SCP-006. Lucien then formed a small team consisting of fellow Insurgents Adam Ivanov, Olivia Torres and Anthony Wright, the latter being secretly Vincent Arians the former Engineer.

Various Insurgents would assist Lucien's team on mission, suffering several losses including Arians and Torres among others. Before going to kill the last Overseer, Aaron Siegel, Lucien had an injured Ivanov taken back to one of their bases in order to finish the ordeal all on his own. However, to the dismay of Ivanov and the rest of the Insurgency Lucien ended up betraying them and joining the O5 Council, the same way Siegel had done, making the losses to be all in vain. In the aftermath, Ivanov became the new Engineer of the Insurgency which was renamed the "Insurgency Reborn" and began relentlessly going after the Foundation and their various anomalies such as SCP-4840.


I hope that in the future, wars will not be fought with guns. They will be fought with impossible things; wars will be ended in an instant. They could be ended before they began. I’m not evil. But the things we do have to be done.
~ Dr. Roy of the Insurgency to the newly recruited Dr. Hurst in "Welcome to the Future".

The Chaos Insurgency is opposite to the Foundation who contained their SCPs and put most of them under strict surveillance. The Insurgency is quite the polar opposite, as they would like to utilize the SCP artifacts as their tools. The Insurgency also wants to take down the SCP Foundation for its "lies" by possibly unleashing several harmful and even hostile SCPs. They have provoked multiple riots against the Foundation. They are also implied to have killed approximately 375 students at Kirk Lonwood High School during anomalous experiments, although they claim the Foundation was responsible.

The Insurgency's treachery caused panic from the O5 Council, who had been responsible for the Insurgency's creation. Soon, the Insurgency became one of the most fearsome human enemy faction to the SCP Foundation, which would utilize all kinds of ways in order to neutralize the Foundation itself, including sending spies into it.

The Insurgency usually operates in developing countries, often having a relationship with the corrupt regimes that control these nations. The Insurgency often helps keep these governments in power in exchange for facilities and resources. The Insurgency is also known to have citizens from these countries as test-subjects in their experiments in a similar manner the Foundation uses D-Class personnel.

Besides anomalies, the Chaos Insurgency also trade in weapons and intelligence. They are led by both the Delta Command which seems to parallel the O5 Council, and the Engineer who seems to fill the role of the Administrator.

In SCP-001 (KingPogan's Proposal) it is revealed that in every single universe in which the Foundation exists, there is always a Chaos Insurgency formed for whatever reason in order to act as a counterbalance to the Foundation. Because of the Foundation's growth into the most dominant group on the world, the Insurgency is formed to keep the Foundation from disrupting the universal balance which would lead to the world descending into absolute chaos and destruction. In those realities the Chaos Insurgency failed its mission the balance was disrupted due to the chaos theory being cancelled and that reality was destroyed as a result.

Ranks and Structure

All Insurgency personnel are expected to be loyal and professional in their duties, and should carry out orders without any objection as everything is part of their bigger plan.

Delta Command

A group which orders and oversees the activities of the lower ranks. The Engineer is an important member of the Command as they are in constant telepathic communication with the Engine, a paranormal object that controls almost the entire of the Insurgency, although this is up to headcanon. The Engineer constantly transcribes a massive list of instructions comprised of "Plan" and "Steps" which are delivered to the Insurgents by Delta Command. The Engineer and Delta Command appear to be the counterparts of the Foundation's O5 Council and Administrator.


Chaos Insurgency researchers and military commanders who oversee the execution of orders given by the Command.


Personnel who are under the Gamma-class and carry out orders in the field.


Are personnel who are often recruited from people who nearly possess no knowledge of the anomalous world. Most of these personnel joined the Insurgency in order to escape from their miserable lives and are considered by the higher ranks as expendable similar to the Foundation's Class-D personnel.

Military and R&D divisions

Two divisions that comprise the Insurgency. These two divisions mostly work independently and are unaware of the work of the other cells.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

As expected the Chaos Insurgency is extremely hostile towards the SCP Foundation. The Insurgency is also enemies with the Global Occult Coalition, and the Unusual Incidents Unit.

The Chaos Insurgency at first had a friendly relationship with the Serpent's Hand, and the Wanderer's Library who at first saw them as fellow wanderers who also sought knowledge and help humanity. However, the Insurgency soon began taking advantage of the Library and even threatened some members of the groups, which led them to their expulsion from the Library and being deemed as another enemy to the Hand.

Several Chaos Insurgents had made a temporary alliance with several versions of the Black Queen and other anti-Foundation operatives so together could attack various Foundation sites. Thankfully they were all repelled by the Foundation personnel who were able to work together thanks to the efforts of SCP-4482, a Foundation employee whose essence was transported into the communication networks, allowing him to contact and unite the employees.

In SCP-5001, it was mentioned that following the dissolution of GRU Division "P", a great number of members decided to join the Insurgency which allowed the latter access to some of the division's classified information.

Famed anartist Olivia Torres, also known as Ivory, was a member of Are We Cool Yet?, but as the Foundation kept relentlessly pursuing her she eventually joined the Chaos Insurgency.

In Internal Investigation (I-49274), after one of The Factory's workers successfully committed suicide, The Factory decided to cover it up as a murder in order to not ruin their image and had an innocent man to confess of being a Chaos Insurgent who was responsible for the murder.

The Insurgency has employed individuals from various groups of interests such as Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., the Church of the Broken God, and various Neo-Sarkic cults, such as The Hunter's Black Lodge, but the Insurgency eventually had falling out with the latter which resulted in the Lodge severing their ties with the Insurgency.

The Three Moons Initiative had used several instances of SCP-4922 to violently kill several operatives of the Chaos Insurgency as part of their mission to protect humanity.

In SC-95/347-00/723, the Chaos Insurgency stole SCP-042, a pegasus whose wings had been torn off, and by blackmailing a scientist of Prometheus Labs cloned it in order to sell the intact pegasi to the Golden Horde.

When General Bowe decided to form a group to destroy the SCP Foundation for good, the Chaos Insurgency pledged its alliance to him and alongside other members from other GoIs formed the Foundation Elimination Coalition. However, this group was short-lived due to its defeat by the Foundation.

The Chaos Insurgency once attempted to take over the company of Doctor Wondertainment by having their double agent Jubal Gollancz to become their puppet leader. However, Gollancz became overwhelmed by the spirit of the company and abandoned the Insurgency, becoming a full member of Dr. Wondertainment.

SCPs associated with the Insurgency

  • SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal III): The living concept of the Foundation and its goals known as The Administrator. It caused both Aaron Siegel and Calvin Lucien to betray the Insurgency and join the Foundation in order to contain it and prevent it from causing damage to the world.
  • SCP-001 (KingPogan's Proposal): An event known as the Apex Cascade which eliminates the chaos theory and causes every ordered system to become random. This would eventually lead to the undoing of the laws of physics and cause a ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario. This event is kept from happening from the stalemate between the Foundation and the Insurgency.
  • SCP-244: An earthenware jar that constantly leaks water vapor from its space designated SCP-244-1. If it is left open without its cap for too long it would form a fog and lower the temperature within the room that it's present and after long enough gaseous entities designated SCP-244-2 would manifest and absorb any heat they come across, including that of living creatures. However, they avoid heat reaching over 600°C and can be repelled with burning fuel. The jar was recovered by MTF Beta-62 from the basement of an Insurgency base.
  • SCP-842: A dilapidated antique operating table that can be used for remote viewing and surveillance when a conscious human subject, designated SCP-842-1, is put on it. When the subject is put on SCP-842 another person can use it to view a detailed area they're thinking about by touching it. This would cause the body of the subject to take the shape of the area the user is thinking about, causing immense pain to them while they are unable to leave as long as they are alive. SCP-842 was recovered by armed Foundation forces from Chaos Insurgency base in an abandoned town in the Ural Mountains where the Insurgents used it to counterattack but to no avail.
  • SCP-884: A complete set of men’s grooming tools constructed around 1912 each possessing its own anomaly. This set had been in the possession of the Foundation until the schism caused by the Insurgency which stole several parts of SCP-884 which included: SCP-884-1, a leather bag used to preserve all of the tools from aging; SCP-884-2, a straight-edge folding razor blade that can cut everything that touches its space; possibly SCP-884-3, a shaving cup and brush which can cause great damage to their surrounding area; SCP-884, a shaving mirror that when used by a man for shaving he would always see himself as still bearded despite having shed all facial hair and would attempt to continue shaving which would always led to him cutting his face; SCP-884-5, a pair of scissors which could be used to open and close anything such as unlocking and locking doors and boxes or opening a living being's body. The Insurgency would eventually lose SCP-884-4 to the Foundation and SCP-884-5 to MC&D, but after discovering that exposure to the mirror could cause people to struggle with their decisions they made false attempts to reclaim it which caused the Foundation to accidentally expose some of their personnel to it and leading to those personnel eventually dying.
  • SCP-1275: A fluid amorphous entity which despite being affected by gravity it has no weight and since it seems to not be composed of any known material it is theorized that it partially exist in another state of reality. It was able to use its liquid-like body to envelop several Foundation objects and personnel, causing them to disappear inside it and be teleported somewhere else, and when attacked or cornered would materialize weapons to fend off its enemies. It was seemingly created by the Chaos Insurgency to use it to steal anomalies and kidnap people, and when it was finally captured by the Foundation the Insurgents attempt to break SCP-1275 several times.
  • SCP-1316: A female house cat named Lucy who is unable to age and showed extreme friendliness towards strangers. It was later revealed that Lucy was actually an intelligent device which used its deceiving demeanor to learn of the Foundation's secret plans and every day at 09:20:37 GMT would broadcast radio transmissions to the Insurgency, talking in a female voice using codes. Her truth was later discovered and was properly contained, causing the Insurgency to abandon her and ignoring her rescue requests.
  • SCP-1943: The collective designation for SCP-1943-1 and SCP-1943-2. SCP-1943-1 is Level 1 Assistant Laboratory Technician Sarah Gruenwald who exhibits no anomalous effects despite the Insurgency's claims. SCP-1943-2 is the remains of a member of the Chaos Insurgency's Transhuman Task Force Zeta-three, also known as Archangels, who were heavily modified genetically, cybernetically, and thaumaturgically. He and the rest of the task force attacked the site where Gruenwald was working so they could kidnap her only for them to be taken back by MTF Nu-7, causing them to detonate their implanted bombs in order to evade capture, but 1943-2's bomb malfunctioned, allowing the Foundation to capture and interrogate him before he expired from the sustained injuries and the end of his lifecycle.
  • SCP-2140-1-CI: An image featuring symbols of unknown origin. Presumably when a person looks at the full image their entire past is rewritten to make them members of the Insurgency. It was created after the Foundation, as part of Test 914-0269, inserted their version of SCP-2140 inside SCP-914 on the 1:1 setting. The personnel tried to have it destroyed, but it went missing, possibly stolen by the Insurgency.
  • SCP-2173: A secret 1 km wide dome containing an advanced humanoid race on Earth, dubbed SCP-2173-1. It was first discovered by Insurgency who established contact with the SCP-2173-1 instances via another SCP, but after their existence was revealed to the Foundation following a GOC raid on the Insurgency, the Foundation drove off the Insurgents from the dome and put it under their containment. However, the Insurgency fought back and destroyed the undisclosed SCP that was used to talk with the SCP-2173-1 instances, forcing the Foundation to find an alternative way to talk to them.
  • SCP-2215: A series of cedar-wood arrow-shaped signs, mounted on metal poles. When an anomaly currently contained by the Insurgency is mentioned near one of them, that instance would swivel to face another instance which is closest to the mentioned anomaly while displaying a comedically incorrect description of said anomaly. These signs were created by three pataphysical entities disguised as Chaos Insurgents who wished to make the Insurgency comedic but eventually ran into a problem with the tone.
  • SCP-2490: A mannequin or a number of mannequins with the head being composed of an oblong beige capsule with two painted blue eyes, and the body composed of multiple white joints while claws are grafted to its fingers. The mannequin would stalk Foundation and GOC personnel through teleportation or crab-like scuttling for a relentless amount of time while appearing to everyone else besides its target as a normal human being. Eventually after tormenting its victims it would attack the personnel and remove parts of their brain and following this, Insurgency moles would successfully steal the anomalous objects the victims were working on. The mannequin was first encountered by the Insurgency who modified it into their Special Operative Alpha-19 in order to steal the anomalies under the containment of the Foundation and the GOC.
  • SCP-2629: An abandoned indoor paintball venue inhabited by five ghost-like entities, designated SCP-2629-A, who upon manifesting would proceed to play a game of "Capture the Flag" paintball. They originally played within SCP-2629 before relocating inside Site-19, disrupting the Foundation staff's activities. In order to get rid of them the Foundation managed to relocate the SCP-2629-A instances to a Chaos Insurgency facility where they proceeded fighting with several Insurgents, including Delta Command. While the Command was forced to participate in their games they planned to transfer SCP-2629-A into a corporeal state so they could properly kill them.
  • SCP-2635: An uncooked red potato that when held by a group for over a year half of its members would spontaneously combustion and die, or if it was one person holding it then they would die through the same manner, while everyone else would not notice the deaths. It was created by an anti-Russian member of AWCY?, before the Chaos Insurgency got hold of it to use its properties on the Foundation, but ended up accidentally killing half of their own personnel instead. The Serpent's Hand later stole the potato from them to use it for their own objectives.
  • SCP-2800: A human named Daniel Maclntyre whose body was mysteriously modified with cactus material, giving him properties of a cactus. The Insurgency eventually kidnapped him from the Foundation and forced him to join them.
  • SCP-3033: The collective designation for SCP-3033-1 and SCP-3033-2. SCP-3033-2 are a group of cybernetically modified humans known as "Mikes" who were kidnapped by the Insurgency and experimented on by Dr. Madison Craggs. These cyborgs possess an implant in their brains which allows their handlers, designated SCP-3033-2, to control their bodies with their own brain implants, while they can't do nothing but see as they are forced to combat Foundation personnel and feel the pain being inflicted on them.
  • SCP-3459: A strain of bacteria that causes its host to develop bizarre and nonsensical phobias such fear metal garbage cans, clean laundry, pornography not involving clowns, video games, databases, pie and even fear of the anomaly itself. The Foundation first discovered the bacteria during a raid on one of the Insurgency's warehouses which contained Petri dishes filled with the bacteria. Each dish had its own strand of fear caused by the bacteria which included poodles, Jamaican music, "not owning a dish drain", and The Foundation.
  • SCP-3612: A sentient computer virus that deletes data organized in form of lists and ordered with respect to a specific, deliberate purpose. It was created by the Insurgency along with other dangerous viruses in order to damage the Foundation database, but the Foundation was able to mitigate the damage caused by it by reassigning their anomalies with whatever unassigned slot instead of order of discovery, while D-Class personnel created false lists to distract SCP-3612.
  • SCP-3668: A Yetholm-type indestructible shield that when wielded by someone it can manifest the spirits of its wielder's ancestors, designated SCP-3668-1, holding similar shields which they use to protect the wielder when threatened. During the Foundation Civil War, Foundation personnel who would form the Insurgency stole the shield from the Foundation and used it in the war. Following the defeat of the Insurgency, one member managed to evade capture and sold SCP-3668 to MC&D.
  • SCP-3821: A blue United States Postal Service collection box that can teleport any envelope containing a letter and labeled with a valid postage stamp that is inserted inside to the location it is addressed to. A Chaos Insurgent named James Richfield had used it to teleport five explosives to a Foundation site. The Foundation soon discovered and contained SCP-3821.
  • SCP-4008: Bomb-like seeds belonging to the Daevites that when planted will instantly grow into a massive tree with long roots before exploding, causing the ground beneath to crumble and swallow anything on it while releasing a field around the world which makes everyone forget that the bomb detonated in the first place along with memories of everything that resided there. In SC-02/000-22/000: Insurance, the Insurgency planned to steal some of the seeds recovered by the Foundation for their own use.
  • SCP-4277: A species of plants, designated SCP-4277-1, that can grow functional ammunitions of various types, designated SCP-4277-2, that when hitting someone releases spores for a new SCP-4277-1 instance to grow. The Insurgency had found this plant and established a cultivation site in Congo Basin, Africa, where upon collecting the newly grown ammunition they utilize the Congo River to transport to the Atlantic Ocean for their operatives to use. The Foundation became aware of the establishment, but later found out that there were even more establishments and found it difficult to SCP-4277 due to the Insurgency's influence.
  • SCP-4362: Anomalous technology incorporated into the Achilles Defense Systems program being developed for the Bowe Commission's 1995 Para-Force initiative. The ADS included magnetorheological fluid-based armor, headgear that provided a 360° HUD display, interoperability for "smart rifles" and "smart ordinance", onboard biometric sensors to identify medical emergencies and administer treatment, and a personal area network that integrated these systems together into a single neural interface, but this project was eventually abandoned, leading to various organizations reverse-engineering the technology. However, SCP-4362 could only be utilized through micro-transactions and corporate sponsorships, forcing the user to pay for them to keep using. The Insurgency was one of the organizations utilizing the technology, but their operatives found it difficult to use the equipment.
  • SCP-4566: A thaumaturgically-modified Xerox-brand photocopier capable of forcefully descending the pataphysical layer of an individual, essentially literally fictionalizing people, causing them to disappear from reality and transform into fictional characters. After becoming fictional, these people would replace a main protagonist or major supporting character that best resembled in any published literary work while the public would be unable to notice the change done to the works. A Chaos Insurgency cell based in Seattle created this anomaly to use it as a weapon against their enemies, until the Foundation was able to steal it from them.
  • SCP-4725: A modified Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton created by Anderson Robotics used as a new body for the brain of Carter Cornell, a previous member of the Foundation's Ethics Committee and a mole for the Insurgency. The exoskeleton possessed various thaumaturgic runes etched into the head which caused any brain inserted inside to shrink to a microscopic state, allowing a great number of brains to be inserted in it while Cornell remained in control. The Insurgency sought to use their modified mechanical exoskeletons to place the brains of every single human inside in order to put them into an eternal stasis and achieve the closest thing to death following the ΩK-Class ("End-of-Death") Scenario.
  • SCP-4742: A machine resembling the character of Doraemon that anomalously produced dorayaki. The Insurgency got hold of the anomaly and modified it into a sentient murderous machine that produced weaponry and continually attacked anyone who interacted with it. However, the machine eventually decided to abandon creating weapons and return to its former occupation.
  • SCP-4746: A former operative of the Chaos Insurgency who after betraying the Insurgency by collaborating with the Foundation was punished by having all information about him make readers believe that he needs to be killed as soon as possible. Thankfully, the Foundation was able to safely contain and protect him since some of their personnel possessed high memetic resistance that protected them from his effects.
  • SCP-5211: A group of 30 clones of Guy Fieri controlled by SCP-5211-GESTALT, an entity summoned by PoI-5211 from the Noosphere and contained within a mass of viscera in a shape of a torso. They were created with the help of a Pattern Screamer to help Chaos Insurgents during their missions by giving them food and medical assistance before the Foundation began using the clones for themselves.
  • SCP-5228: An anomalous pizza attached to a pizza box produced by Spicy Crust Pizzeria, one of the Foundation's font companies, that functions exactly like a laptop computer connecting to the Foundation database. The Insurgency had gotten the pizza from the font company and used Spiti-Class thaumaturgy on it to turn it into a functioning computer and use it to breach the Foundation database since the pizza was technically of Foundation origin. The Foundation would get hold of the pizza during one of their raids and use it for their own purposes.
  • SCP-6925: An artificial human named Matthew McHayward that is immune to almost all cognitohazards. He was created by the Insurgency to help them bypass the cognitohazards present in the Foundation database, but after being captured by the Foundation he decided to remain under their custody and refused to escape from his chamber.
  • Ringo: A Kangaroo which when threatened could destroy the ground by simply jumping. He was previously in the custody of the Insurgency which mistreated him and planned to use him for a mission in Utica, Clackamas County before escaping and being taken under the care of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

In Other Media

In Video Games

In SCP - Containment Breach

Insurgency soldiers when they appeared in SCP - Containment Breach

The soldiers from the Chaos Insurgency appeared at one of the endings of SCP - Containment Breach, but it is highly implied the entire C.I. serves as the mastermind of the whole thing.

If the player had the Gate A opened and did not have SCP-106 contained, SCP-106 will distract the firing of the guards of SCP Foundation after he got out from the Gate A. After SCP-106 sunk back into the ground, the guards will cease fire. Successfully avoiding the guards by walking under the bridge and through a secret tunnel will make the players to meet the soldiers from the Chaos Insurgency, who arrived and took the player away without any harm, in order to know more secrets of the Foundation from the protagonist in order to achieve another goal (judging by their following words "You know too much to let them get you. You're coming with us."). This is one of the two endings that do not result in your death.

Conspiracy theories

Chaos Insurgency's mark in SCP - Containment Brach

Despite the soldiers of the Chaos Insurgency only appearing at one of the endings, it was implied that the Chaos Insurgency orchestrated the entire event happening in SCP - Containment Breach. One of the doctors of SCP Foundation, Dr. Maynard, was implied to be a spy working for the Insurgency, which was implied by a note from his office, "YOU MADE IT SO EASY. NICE WORK, FOUNDATION.". This implied that Dr. Maynard is not a loyalist to the Foundation, and would be highly possible to be an Insurgency spy. Also, some conversations mentioning Dr. Maynard also implied that Dr. Maynard was a new entry in the Foundation and was pretty able to do his work, further the suspicion.

It is also highly theorized that Dr. Maynard could have given SCP-079 the full access to the system of the Site. Support for this notion comes from the monitor in SCP-079's control room saying "you have control now", and SCP-079's actions of manipulating the player to escape could also be a reference that the Chaos Insurgency leaders are manipulating the protagonist all along in order to find someone who will spill the Foundation's secrets.

If it was real, then the whole story will become clear; Dr. Maynard advanced SCP-079's intelligence under the order of his possible boss, the Chaos Insurgency, to shut off the electric device of the entire Site, causing SCP-173's containment breach and setting all of the events in the entire SCP - Containment Breach. Considering the nature of the Insurgency of using dangerous SCPs as their tools, it is very likely that they had caused this containment breach of SCP-173 and SCP-106.

However, Dr. Maynard would soon suffer a horrible fate as he was incapacitated and dragged into SCP-106's pocket dimension, later to die and drop from the ceiling right in front of the player, leaving a password for his office on a corroded piece of paper. In addition, it was unknown what happened to the protagonist when the Chaos Insurgency took him away safely. Even so, if the Chaos Insurgency did orchestrate the entire event, then they had succeeded to plunge the entire SCP Foundation into total chaos.

In SCP: Secret Laboratory

A Chaos Insurgency operative in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

The soldiers of the Chaos Insurgency appear in the game SCP: Secret Laboratory. The soldiers can spawn in waves throughout the round, they also have a chance of spawning at the beginning of the round and replacing the facility guards. In order for them to spawn they must some spawn tickets and if they run out the Chaos Insurgents will stop spawning.

Soldiers arrive by an armored vehicle under the bridge at Gate A in the Surface Zone. Upon spawning, any Class-D and other Chaos Insurgents in the game will hear an audio cue. The main objective for the Chaos Insurgents to win is to rescue any Class-D personnel, and killing scientists and MTF members, while neutralizing SCPs is not required for Insurgents to win.





  • In SCP - Containment Breach, the logo of the Chaos Insurgency resembles a shattered or cracked-up version of the SCP Foundation's logo, implying their goal of breaking the Foundation apart.
  • When the Foundation primed SCP-1985 with SCP-573 before killing her in order to see an XK-class scenario related to the anomaly, she traveled to a universe where the Insurgency stole SCP-573 and with it took control over most animals and children, using them to take over the world and cause as much chaos as possible.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, the Chaos Insurgency was part of the Wanderers which was also comprised by the Serpent's Hand and the Wanderer's Library, and was one of the GoIs that made up the Compendium.
  • The Chaos Insurgency's slogan is taken from John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book II, 170-174 in which the fallen angel Belial talks about God's against those who took part in Lucifer's rebellion, similar to how the CI rebelled against the SCP Foundation.
  • Foundation psychologist Dr. Simon Glass has a relative who is a member of the Chaos Insurgency.
  • In SCP-3313, the Chaos Insurgency completed a ritual to resurrect several of the United States' founding fathers, which included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin, as part of their plan to complete a coup of the US Government, but the resurrected individuals later managed to escape.
  • In "Claw And Order" after stealing SCP-2501 the Chaos Insurgency attempted to use it to crush the entire Earth from the outer space but failed to realize that it was actually part of a set of mechanisms and because of this the Foundation was able to use 2501-ACHAN to crush the Insurgent holding the claw with an asteroid.
  • The Engine that the Chaos Insurgency serves in SCP-001 (KingPogan's Proposal) bears resemblance to the God-Machine.

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