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Chaos Ultraman / Chaos Ultraman Calamity is a dark clone of Ultraman Cosmos summoned by Chaos Organisms. This heinous evil warrior is able to match the movements of the guards, able to fight back unlike the other Chaos agents and he outlasts the guards, surviving as Ultraman Cosmos runs out of energy.


Chaos Ultraman

One day, EYES handled Chaos Organisms in Treasure Base. The ball moved over him and chased after Musashi. When Musashi was forced out, the creature tried to assimilate Musashi by forcing him to transform into Cosmos as desired. Instead of destroying the giant, the entity itself transformed into the Chaos Ultraman and overpowered it, forcing it to return to Musashi and capture him.

With Musashi captured, Chaos Header is able to Strike again when Neldor and emerge from the ground. Reappearing, Chaos Ultraman "attacks his Wheel of Darkness and turns it into Chaos Neldorand. Devising a cunning plan, Chaos Ultraman flies to Kapuya Island, and tries to infect the monster inhabitants but fails due to the island's power field. The giants are bigger attacks than before, but before he can attack, the color timer starts to flash. The creature is forced to retreat. After Chaos Header is killed and Musashi is freed, the humans summon Cosmos to face Chaos Neldorand. Doing so also begs for Chaos Ultraman who attacks again. When the two evil warriors attack against Cosmos, EYES attack Chaos Ultraman, getting his attention. Seeing this, Cosmos takes the opportunity to run away as MATA fires their Anti-Chaos Header missile at Neldor and returns it to normal and escorts him to safety. doppelganger.The two of them exchanged back and forth, exchanging blows when they try to kill each other. Cosmos manages to defeat its evil twin using Cosmium Beam, destroying the chaos.

Chaos Ultraman Calamity

Chaos Ultraman will be summoned by Chaos Header once again to destroy the SRC lab which has recently studied a particular mineral to create the Anti-Chaos Header formula. When Team EYES faces the task of protecting the lab, Musashi transforms into Cosmos and uses Eclipse mode. He had the upper hand on Chaos Ultra until another Chaos Header explosion merged with the Ultra, raising him to become an even more terrifying threat: the Chaos Ultraman Calamity.

Granting untold power to the Dark Ultra, Chaos Header created a warrior so powerful that it even defeated Ultraman Cosmos' Eclipse Mode. The hero's color timer starts to flash as Chaos Ultraman Calamity attacks him with a powerful attack, forcing the giant to retreat. With no real challenge, the warrior of chaos moved closer to the base of the SRC, ignoring attacks from EYES weapons.

Chaos Ultraman retreated but attacked another lab where research was continuing. Musashi, however, recovered and again summoned Ultraman Cosmos to fight. Reloading, the giant summons its Eclipse Mode again. The two of them fought, exchanging blows as they dodged and jumped at each other. On the ground, the EYES have a plan of their own and fires an anti-Chaos weapon at Calamity's chest, weakening it and giving Cosmos enough time to charge and fire a Cosmium Beam, causing its evil twin to vanish again.

After the Chaos Chimera missile was finished, Team EYES and JADF fed Chaos Ultraman Calamity with a wave of Cosmos. But in a twisting turn, Chaos Dolba appears and begins to rampage, Chaos Ultraman Calamity appears again, summoned by Chaos Header while revealing that the trap EYES has set was predicted. It was attacked by EYES but still waded through all their weapons. Ultraman Cosmos came to battle once again against his evil twin, but the monster was ready for him. After the hero removed his Golden Light Barrier and threw it at the Calamity, the dark one retaliated, blowing the guard back. Dolba, after recovering tried his best to hold back the evil Ultra for a while as Cosmos started to regain his energy. Reinforcements for Cosmos come in the form of JADF Defense Soldiers who start lowering their weapons at the chaotic villain. As Cosmos watched, the famous Monster Hunter fired a Chimera Missile at Ultraman's Chaos color timer. As he shouted angrily, Cosmos regained his position and fired a Cosmium Beam, again hitting the clone and destroying it.

After Cosmos arrives at EYES HQ, Chaos Header summons Ultraman Chaos Calamity as the two fly to the moon where, after exchanging words, the final fight between the pair explodes. With Earth resting in the background, the two attack each other, blocking and punching as they wade into each other's attacks. However, as before, justice will prevail and the hero's attack reveals a brilliant and rare crystal form beneath the surface of the moon. By exposing more than this, the villain was blinded by the light. With one last Cosmium Beam and destroying it. However after the clone defeated, all Chaos organism appeared on Moon and summoned the most powerful Chaos Monster; Chaos Darkness.


  • The reason why Chaos Header imitates Corona Mode instead of Luna Mode is because Luna Mode means calm while Corona Mode means aggressive which reflects the nature of Chaos Header.


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