Chaosdramon is one of the main villains in the Manga; Digimon Next.


Chaosdramon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a redder, more modified version of Machinedramon.

Digimon Next

Chaosdramon is a member of the Commandments. He serves as one of the commanders of Barbamon's Army. He fought MachGaogamon and killed off an Andromon in the process. Before he was called off by Murmukusmon's order he kidnapped Pichimon. When the main protagonists break into System World, he confronts MachGaogamon again. Chaosdramon manages to easily fight back against MachGaogamon, until MachGaogamon uses soundwaves to penetrate through Chaosdramon's armor. Chaosdramon infected a virus into MachGaogamon. Despite being poisoned by the virus MachGaogamon manage to use a powerful attack to get past Chaosdramon's armor. This caused Chaosdramon to be incapacitated for the remainder of the series.


  • Hyper Mugen Cannon
  • Destroyed Haken
  • Chaos Crusher


  • Chaosdramon is said to be a modified version of Machinedramon; in fact, Chaosdramon's previous form is Machinedramon
  • Chaosdramon bears a slight resemblance to HiMugendramon
  • Chaosdramon is the only commander that didn't redeem themselves and allied themselves to fight NEO
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