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~ Chapel

Bruce Stinson also known by his nickname "Chapel" is a major antagonist in the popular comic book series Spawn. He also appears in other comic book series Youngblood as one of the main protagonists (alongside with Spawn).

Chapel is a servant of Jason Wynn. Chapel is also the one responsible for the death of his ex-best friend Al Simmons, who later became Spawn.


There is little known about Chapel's life before the events, Chapel was born in a prison in Joliet, Illinois. He is a known smoker and womanizer, who is proficient in unconventional warfare such as torture.Chapel was in Operation Knightstrike alongside Simmons. Chapel became a fellow soldier, but later became a mercenary, who becomes a servant to the corrupt mastermind Jason Wynn.

At one point Chapel was ordered by his superior to murder Al Simmons. The order was given because Al Simmons was a suspected spy. However, Al Simmons became the dark vigilante, Spawn.

Later in his career, Chapel was instilled with some several chemicals which would give him some various superhuman abilities. Chapel was later injected with some type of HIV that can activated by the superiors with a special serum. Wynn, who had frequent feuds with Al Simmons, commissioned Chapel to kill Spawn.

Spawn eventually regained his memory of Chapel being his killer and began hunting him. Spawn ambushed Chapel and took him to a swampy area, where Chapel had his face cut out by Spawn (in the shape of a skull). Afterwards Chapel was forced to replace the missing skin with a skull that he had grafted onto his bone.

In other media

Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Jess Chapel is a loose cannon servant of Jason Wynn. He was responsible for the murder of Al Simmons in his mortal days. Chapel serves as a major antagonist in season 1, the secondary antagonist in the first half of season 2, and a minor character in season 3.

He was voiced by Ruben Santiago-Hudson.





  • In the motion picture, due to contractual rights, Chapel was not written into the screenplay. Later arguments between Rob and Todd ended Chapel's appearances entirely.


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