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Char Clawbster

The Char Clawbster is a minor villain in the video game; Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is a Dream Eater that attacks Riku while he was stuck inside Monstro's body.


After Riku found and rescued Pinocchio from his replica, a loud, nearby explosion startled them. Riku told both Pinocchio and Jiminy to get to safety while he investigates. Shortly after, Riku encountered the creature that caused the explosion, a Dream Eater known as; the Char Clawbster. Riku knew that the giant Dream Eater would pose a threat, so he engaged the beast in battle. After a long battle, Riku managed to defeat the crustacean Dream Eater.


  • Another version of the Char Clawbster appeared in Sora's story; the Chill Clawbster.


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Char Clawbster
Char Clawbster


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