Your name is food now, boy!
~ Charaxes while fighting Robin.

During Underworld Unleashed, Drury is one of the villains who sells their soul to the demon Neron. He asks to become feared, and he is metamorphed into a moth-like monster called "Charaxes". As Charaxes, Walker resembles a vaguely humanoid, giant brown moth. He consumes humans and spins cocoons in which to keep his prey.

In a later story, Charaxes begins laying hundreds of eggs, all of which hatch into duplicates of Drury Walker. Charaxes despises his progeny, but is unable to destroy them. Following his capture, these duplicates are taken into government custody. During an argument between various bodies as to what should be done with them, they attack a scientist, and are killed.

At around the same time, Oracle is confronted by a criminal named "Danko Twag" who claims to be the real Killer Moth (the one she had defeated), and that Drury Walker had been an imposter. During a rant in which he claims they are going to be a team, she captures him in an energy cell and he seemingly disintegrates himself.

In Infinite Crisis, Charaxes is ripped in half by Superboy-Prime during the Battle of Metropolis, and presumed deceased.

Television History

The Batman

Charaxes (The Batman)

Killer Moth appears in the series The Batman voiced by Jeff Bennett. Because of his costume's colors, it is easy to assume that this is the Drury Walker version. The character is a physically weak coffee boy for The Penguin's gang in the episode "Team Penguin". He is later transformed into a massive, powerful version of Charaxes after being exposed to chemical fumes and radioactive moths dissolving into his skin during a robbery with Penguin. Killer Moth still maintains his milquetoast personality and poor combat abilities despite his size and strength. Killer Moth is later seen very briefly in the episode "Rumors" being captured by the vigilante Rumor and is later defeated by Batman and Robin along with every other villain.


  • The way Drury Walker became Charaxes resembles that Griffith, the main antagonist of Berserk: he sold his soul to a demon, only to be reborn himself with a demonic body after a pregnancy within a cocoon .
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