Charles-Ingvar "Sickan" Jönsson, simply known as Sickan, is the titular main protagonist anti-hero of the swedish Jönsson-gang (swedish: Jönssonligan) movies. While portrayed as an affable anti-hero, Sickan and his gang has committed many thefts and robberies involving a massive amount of money, be it from other villains or innocents.

He was portrayed by the late Gösta Ekman (in the original film series) and Simon J. Berger (in the 2015 reboot).


Charles-Ingvar Jönsson, simply called "Sickan" against his will, is the titular leader of the Jönsson-gang with the members Vanheden, Dynamite-Harry and Rocky. They often commit crimes involving robbery and theft for wealth or revenge, often targeting the corrupt official Morgan Junior Wall-Enberg, Sickan's archenemy. 

Sickan has actually been caught by the police several times, either by his own arrogance, for screwing up or merely being betrayed by his own partners. But that has never stopped him from constantly planning new crimes.

His goals varies depending on movies but are of the same motives: money or revenge.


An extremely neutral character, Sickan is very intelligent, strategic and scheming as he will plan his crimes to amazing lengths, and if something does not go as planned during the crime, he will quickly come up with a back-up plan. He is often driven by greed or revenge and gladly shares the profit with his members. For being a criminal genius, Sickan does have some gentlemanly qualities which makes him very neutral and a combination of anti-hero and anti-villain.

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