I ain't gonna kill you, but by the time I'm done with you, you gonna wish you was dead!
~ Trout taunting Kissin' Kate Barlow at gunpoint
You'll thank me one day.
~ Charles "Trout" Walker, in his old age, forcing his granddaughter, Warden Walker to dig as a child. He never found the treasure and died penniless and in disgrace, as Kissin Kate predicted.

Charles “Trout” Walker is a key character and posthumous antagonist from the book Holes.

In the film adaptation, he was portrayed by the late Scott Plank, whose memory the film was dedicated to. 


Trout Walker, whose father owned the town's lake, tried to win the love of Katherine Barlow, the beautiful school matron, but she fell in love with Sam, a black townsman. Trout led the charge behind an angry town mob and killed both Sam and his beloved donkey, Mary Lou. The unjust murder of her lover turned Katherine into Kissin' Kate Barlow, a notorious outlaw. After he murdered Sam and Mary Lou, the town's lake dried up and the Walker family lost all their money.

Years later, Trout and his wife Linda tracked down Kissin' Kate Barlow and demanded to know where she buried her treasure at gunpoint. Rather than tell Trout, Kate instead commits suicide by letting a yellow-spotted lizard bite her so that Trout and his family could waste their years searching.

Angered by this, Trout and his family (even his grandchildren) have spent their lives digging for the treasure, and he passed on his obsession to his granddaughter Warden Walker. After his death, she built Camp Green Lake for delinquent boys, to speed up the process. However, Stanley Yelnats IV found the treasure, causing Trout to die in vain. Kate Barlow got the last laugh, and the Walkers were finally brought to justice (as if by divine providence, it began to rain at Camp Green Lake almost immediately after the warden was arrested).



  • Trout Walker serves as the Greater Scope Villain of the film because his actions led to the events of the film.


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Charles Trout Walker
Charles “Trout” Walker

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