Charles Augustus Milverton is a major antagonist in the Sherlock Holmes series. He is the main antagonist of The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton. Sherlock shows more revulsion to Milverton than any other murderers he has encountered.


Milverton is first noticed by Sherlock Holmes when he is hired by a client to find blackmail letters from Milverton. Sherlock offers 2,000 pounds but Milverton insists on 6,000 pounds. Sherlock eventually finds where Milverton hides his letters and later breaks into his study. While Sherlock and Watson are in his study, Milverton walks in to confront a client. Milverton's client is actually a former victim of Milverton who blames him for her husband's death. In a fit of rage the victim shoots Milverton, killing him. Sherlock and Watson then burn all his papers and leave. When Lestrade asks Sherlock for help he refuses as he sympathizes with Milverton's victims.



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Milverton is a minor antagonist in season 1 of Elementary.  He is tha main antagonist of Episode 20 of Season 1. He is portrayed by David Mogentale.

Sherlock Holmes (Granada) 

Milverton is the main antagonist of The Master Blackmailer. He is portrayed by Robert Hardy


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