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Charles Nathaniel Dalimar is the primary antagonist for the Ravenhearst series.


Early Life

Charles was born in Blackpool Temperence Hospital in 1873 by parents Abigail and Alister Dalimar. He never knew his father as he had been locked up in Manchester Lunatic Asylum shortly before he was born.

Abigail's loss of Alister made her distraught and she often took out her anger on Charles, she left her job as "The Fattest Woman on Earth!" at a local carnival and gave Charles a job there instead where he was given the title "Freak Boy" and was mocked at the circus for his extraordinarily long tongue.

While at home, his usually mother stayed in her bed, making Charles do chores around the house, he was beaten quite often at his home and was given a cage in the basement as a bedroom. Eventually he grew scared of his mother and the outside world and began teaching himself how to build locks, he believed that these locks would protect him from his mother and slowly began refusing to do his chores so that he could spend more time working on his locks.

Abigail feared that he would turn out like his father and at the age of ten years old he was sent to Manchester Lunatic Asylum.

At the Asylum

While at the asylum he found a raven that was living in the cell opposite him, he often spoke to the raven through a small hole in the wall and was certain that he was in fact speaking to his father despite his doctors repeatedly telling him that his father had died in the cell a year prior.

While in the asylum he studied more about locks and arcane magic until he was certain he had found a way to seal the very soul of a person inside of a lock, this worried his doctors and his mother allowed them to give him severe punishments.

One day, at the age of 21, he was reading a local newspaper and found a small article on a woman moving from the states into a school in Blackpool, he began ignoring his research on locks and obsessed over this woman, he began studying this slip of paper everyday and each day he longed to escape and join her. Eventually he planned to steal some liquid nitrogen from the laboratory next door and use it to break through the drains in the courtyard and escape through the sewers.

Meeting Emma Ravenhearst

Once he had fled the complex, he returned to Blackpool where he greeted his mother with a pie, unfortunately for his mother he had rigged this pie up with a bomb and as he left his childhood home the bomb was activated and it was completely blown apart.

He made his way to the school in Autumn where he crashed the school Autumn party, there he found the woman he had obsessed over for around a year. Emma Ravenhearst. He used his charisma to win over Emma and they danced together. Soon he began courting Emma and after only five months of dating, proposed to her. Emma refused simply because they had only been dating for less than a year. This heavily hurt Charles but he wouldn't let it get to him, he used the money that his mother had left him to buy a generous plot of land just outside of town and there he began building a manor.

Ravenhearst Manor

The next day he came to Emma and told her that he was building a manor named after her, Ravenhearst Manor, he hoped this would be enough to win her back but it wasn't long before she told Charles that she must leave England and travel back to America, she explained that her father was gravely ill and she wanted to stay by his side. This worried Charles as he thought that he would never see Emma again, and so he poisoned her food one day, rendering her gravely ill. Charles moved her into Ravenhearst Manor and began to care for her.

It was also here where Charles researched his locks and the soul more carefully, he also began tinkering with strange machines and decided to hire a maid, Rose Sommerset, to look after Emma instead. Eventually Charles got bored of Emma and decided to woo Rose instead, Rose actually submitted to Charles' charismatic allure and, despite already being married, fostered twins Gwendolynn and Charlotte Sommerset.

Charles began imaging a marriage between him and Emma and even bought a wedding dress and outfitted an room into a small nursery, however Rose and Emma realized that Charles was no longer a charismatic, charming man, but a dangerous, insane, erratic escapee with serious attachment issues.

Charles began building locks out of everyday junk and placed them on several of the manors doors. In late 1895, Rose and Emma realized that they were being sealed in the manor and when they tried to escape, Charles caught them and subdued Rose, Emma fought off Charles but was unsuccessful as Charles swung an axe down upon her, killing her.

The Soul Machine

Charles realized what he had done and mourns over Emma's body, he then takes Rose and his own children down into the basement and reveals to them a series of caves beneath the manor, there he worked hard building a small underground town for the three girls, meanwhile he placed Emma's corpse in an upright coffin and used one of his locks to seal her soul inside of her corpse, trapping her in limbo.

While the women lived their lives in captivity, Charles began work on his greatest creation, a curious machine that would drain the souls from the women, he would feed on their souls rendering him immortal. As he worked he began courting Rose again. The product between Rose and Charles was a curious child called Victor, Charles treated Victor much better than his other two daughters, Victor became just as deranged (if not more so) than his father, often torturing his half-sisters and very well could have been the one to finally kill them.

Eventually Charles had finished his contraption and slew Rose and his daughters, entrapping their souls in the machine where they would be constantly drained for his own personal cause. Victor and Charles continued using this morbid contraption to live for a little over a century, feeding on the four women's souls until late 2006.

The Detective

A detective had been snooping around the long thought abandoned Ravenhearst Estate, and eventually pieced together the story and freed Emma's soul. However this detective didn't realize that Charles was still alive and that she had just freed Emma from Charles' evil machine.

When Charles realized that Emma was no longer attached to him he was furious and trekked all the way out to the carnival that he worked at as a kid, here he found the detective and murdered his former boss before cursing the detective. Despite this the detective escaped him and returned to Ravenhearst Manor to figure out what's happening.


When Charles finally came back to the manor, he slipped back into the machine and swiftly realized that it wasn't working as it used to, he then sees that the three other women had been freed from the machine but before he can leave to find the cause of this the detective steps in and shuts down the machine. Unfortunately for Charles' the machine was not designed to be shut down and began combusting, Charles was burnt alive in his machine, telling Victor to escape the burning manor, Victor followed these orders and entered a prototype time machine that he used to travel back to 1895.

Back from the Past

When Victor traveled back to 1895, he found Charles and explained what was going to happen, so he started work on revenge. He built up replica's of the hospital he was born at, his childhood home, Manchester Lunatic Asylum, a wedding and a much larger version of his childhood dollhouse, all underground in the elephantine caverns beneath the manor grounds.

While doing this he constructed a second machine in his giant dollhouse and began kidnapping the locals, he and Victor strung up these locals around the house and used the machine to suck the souls out of them, extending Charles and his son's Victor's lives.

He then lured the detective with curious letters and when she had arrived he used her to lure the four spirits back to him, he then trapped the five women underground and began pumping souls into the four ghosts while the detective was forced to relive Charles' nightmarish childhood. Once the detective had reached a fake, underground wedding, Charles revealed that his latest obsession was her, the detective, and that he wanted to live with her in his dream home forever, he then showed the detective the reanimated ghosts and how they would all live happily ever after.

The detective found the giant dollhouse and witnessed Charles cheerfully playing the organ, he didn't notice the detective climbing to organ and deactivating the soul machine atop it, she then freed the four women and left Charles and his son to burn once again in the caves.


Charles once found himself summoned by his father only to be punished for his obsessive behaviour, he was then sent back to limbo. He was summoned soon after though by none other than the detective who had killed him.

His bones were collected and kept in the wardrobe of his two daughters Gwendolynn and Charlotte who then attempted to bring him back from the dead, they were unsuccessful and Charles was left in limbo forever. Victor appeared in 2019 from when he was attempting to find his father, he took over a small hotel and attempted an ancient celtic ritual that involved opening the portal to hell itself so that Charles could be free of the afterlife, however this was unsuccessful and Victor only managed to freeze a portion of the room.

Only a short while later did Victor activate his time machine, using some of Charles' objects in order to bring him closer to the present, however the detective collects the items and Charles is never summoned. The items are then safely stored in the Queen of England's personal care to ensure Charles never comes back.


Charles was an incredibly charismatic and a natural seducer. Unfortunately, he also had extreme attachment issues and would often obsess over one woman and would do anything to keep them by his side, however he would often get bored of the same person relatively quickly and moved on very quickly.

He was a very determined man and if he saw a goal he would see nothing but that goal, putting everything else aside until he reached it.


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