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This is war... A war on crime.
~ Goodwin in Crackdown intro.

Director Charles Goodwin, also known as Agency Director, is the enigmatic individual who ran the Agency. He appeared as the supporting character by helping the Agents into defeating all gangs, however, he later became the main antagonist of Crackdown series since he was responsible behind everything. He is voiced by Michael McConnohie, who also voiced Charles zi Britannia from the English dub of Code Geass.



Charles Goodwin explains to the Agent(s) about how the three main gangs have taken over, and how the Agents were created, and Pacific City's actual state.

Congratulations Agent, peace at last... You overthrew the world's most evil criminal masterminds and their dominant empires. You have returned law and order to Pacific City. You gave the people back their lives. Thank you.

(sinister laughing)

It's taken years of meticulous planning and patience to reach this stage, but it was worth it. Who do you think supplied Los Muertos? Who do you think turned a blind eye to the Volk's activities? Who do you think was Shai-Gen's biggest supporter? Who do you think ran organized law-enforcement, and ran it into the ground?

The people had to experience absolute anarchy, before they would accept unconditional control. You are the portent of a New World Order, Agent. Pacific City was only the beginning.

~ Goodwin at the end of Crackdown.

At the end of the game, Goodwin reveals to the player that the Agency was not so clean as originally assumed, revealing that the collapse of Pacific City's three main gangs was in fact the start of a new world order that will spread to the rest of the world, with the Agents leading the way, and it was in fact the Agency itself that supported the three main gangs to wreck havoc in Pacific City.

Crackdown 2

Agency Director at the press conference Crackdown 2

Goodwin at a press conference in Crackdown 2.

Goodwin gives a speech at a press conference, then he left before the explosion happen here.

According to the Whistleblower via audio logs, many cutscenes and dialogue, it is revealed that Goodwin had a plan on creating a dictatorship so that the citizens become their obeying puppets, turning Goodwin into a real main antagonist in the Crackdown series who used Agents only to grow in power.

Crackdown 3

It reveals that Goodwin was once a field Agent who catch attention away from the true goals of the organization or his entire secret backstory could have been made.



Throughout the game, Charles Goodwin shall instruct and inform the player about the manner to tackle some situations; he will also prevent the Agent of danger, e.g.; when the Agent's armor or health is low, he would say "That hurt", or when the Agent is at high heights he will say, "I can see my house from here", among other comments. Goodwin endlessly monitors the Agent(s) and their skill advancements, congratulating them when they go ahead and condemning them when they perish in the line of duty ("Is this your idea of a joke?").

Crackdown 2

Goodwin takes much friendly role. He has a more serious and harsh tone than this in Crackdown. He respects the player less than this in Crackdown. If the player murder or attack a Peacekeeper, the director will comment angrily, even yelling at the Agent, saying: "Don't kill Peacekeepers, agent! I don't know how much clearer I can make that!". Also, Goodwin makes quotes that fans will not forget from the first game, including "Skills for kills, Agent... skills for kills", or quotes that have been altered from the first game, such as "I can see the charred remains of my house from here". In Crackdown 2, he also appears to be extrememly scornful towards the player, especially if the player either remains stood still for a period of time, or if the player is to visit an already-activated absorption unit.

Despite his apparent hatred of this generation of agents, he does felicitate the player while receiving achievements by currently telling the player "That's an achievement!", along with some other positive dialogue.

Crackdown 3

Goodwin gives many affirmative additional troops to the Agents again, and even seems to have not much dark humour about their injury. He is truly concerned when losing contact with Jaxon's squad. Plus, when Echo makes connection with him, Goodwin is not now negative, and in fact progressively heat to the idea of using a militia.


  • The Director's real name is only revealed in Crackdown 3.
  • Goodwin is the Greater Scope Villain of Crackdown franchise since he secretly supplied the gangs at Pacific City, and he has bigger plans than anyone else.
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