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Charles "Charlie" Marvin Green III is Jennifer, Kim, and Michael's older brother and the overarching antagonist of The Angry Grandpa Show.


Charlie was first mentioned in the first video, The Old Christmas Rage, with Grandpa saying "Charlie ain't sending nothing [sic]." and would make rare appearances, most notably the videos where Grandpa visits his mother's grave and in another where he and Michael pester him on Father's Day. He also appears in My Brother, a video showing Michael and Bridgette giving him a dog, Pumpkin. He was then not seen for several years but was occasionally mentioned in his brother's Throwback Thursday stories. Charlie's appearances became much more frequent in videos in 2015 when he moved into his father's new house. He was involved in multiple pranks and many vlogs. It was at this time that he started up his own YouTube channel, "Charlie Chill"". In August 2016 Charlie suddenly disappeared. Many fans speculated that he had moved out, but it was later confirmed that he was in jail for not paying child support. He returned in November 2016. Charlie's appearances became even more frequent when he moved into Michael and Bridgette's pool house.

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