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Charles Milles "Charlie" Manson is the overarching antagonist of Quentin Tarantino's 9th feature film Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. He is based on the real-life criminal and cult leader of the same name.

He was portrayed by Damon Herriman, who also played Kabal in the 2021 film Mortal Kombat.


One day, when Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate were relaxing in their home in the morning, Charles Mason came and looked at their home. Roman noticed this and went outside asking him is he looking for something. Charles told him that he was looking for Terry, but Polanski told him that Terry no longer lived here. Charlie apologized for the intrusion and walked away.

Later, at the end of the movie, four members of Charlie's cult known as The Family drove to the house of Rick Dalton (the protagonist of the film), Rick heard the car engine, went out and outraged that they were hippies and told them to leave. The hippies turned back and one of them overwhelmed Charlie's words saying "We have to kill whoever lives in Terry's former home". Female hippie told them to kill every inhabitant in this district, which the rest agree to do this.

Three cultists (because one of them escaped) sneak into Cliff Booth's house. When they enter, Tex pulls a revolver towards Cliff but he calls his dog who bites his hand. One of Manson's fanatics runs towards Booth with a knife but he throws a can of dog food at her.

The dog bites Tex's leg and then his crotch, Cliff tells him to bite a knocked out cultist, and starts the fight with Tex and hurts his leg. After killing him, the stuntman is knocked down by a cultists who hurts him in the leg, he kills her, but later he falls down.

Black-haired hippie takes a revolver and shoots at the ceiling, making Cliff's dog run away and starts running towards the window through which he flies, thereby scaring Rick.

Then she gets up and falls into his pool, scared Rick comes out of the pool and runs to home to take the flamethrower. He goes to the pool and burns her.

After this, police arrives and interrogate Rick and Cliff about the burglars. The doctors took Cliff to the hospital. Rick Dalton was invited to the Polanski's house, and the movie ends.

It's completely unknown what happened to Charles Manson afterwards given that the movie differs from real life, creating an alternate version of events where no one minus Manson's gang gets killed. However, it's possible that Charles passed away in 2017 like his real life counterpart.


  • Damon Herriman later portrayed Charlie Manson in the Netflix show Mindhunter.
  • Originally there were more scenes featuring Manson, but they were cut.
  • In the film's novelization, there's an scene where Manson instructs "Pussycat" how to break into the house of an elderly and wealthy couple as they are sleeping. It's furthermore explained that Manson encouraged his girls to go into wealthy unvacated homes with dark clothing and steal valuables for his own purposes.


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