Dark Fiend Charles the Third is an agent of Jadow and a villain from the video game and anime: Viewtiful Joe.


After Joe made his way into the cave where Charles the Third made his lair, he opened the Dark Fiend’s coffin. A swarm of bats came out of it, forming into Charles who demanded to know who had interrupted his beauty sleep. He then declared that the movie was over, Captain Blue was defeated, and Jadow was victorious. Joe replied that there was always a plot twist in movies, where things went wrong before the happy ending. Charles just dismissed Joe’s words as nonsense and said that the ritual of sacrifice would soon begin, almost giving away Jadow’s plan to invade the real world. However Charles stopped himself and told Joe it had nothing to do with riff-raff like him and the only thing he had left to do was perish. Charles battled Joe, but was defeated and destroyed.


As a bat, Charles can fly and apparently drinks blood. He attacks by unleashing boomerang like energy waves and charging at his enemy, spinning in a drill-like manner. Charles can also use this attack to slam into the ceiling, causing stalactites to fall on his enemy.


  • The poster for Charles the Third's level, Joe the Hero

    One of Charles the Third’s alternate costumes in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble resembles Batman.
  • On the poster for the "Joe the Hero" level, Charles appears holding Silvia in a similar manner to a stereotypical monster with a damsel in distress shown on classic monster movie posters.
  • Charles in the Viewtiful Joe anime

    He is voiced by Roger Ross in the English version of the game, Mitsuru Ogata in the Japanese version, and Terrence Stone in the English dub of the anime.
  • Charles the Third's blood type is listed as "mixed", most likely nodding to the fact that he drinks blood.
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