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Charlie is a minor villain in the infamous Chick Tract "Lisa".


Charlie was Henry's neighbor who discovered that he was sexually abusing his daughter Lisa, a girl in elementary school, and then offers to keep the secret by asking Henry if he could share his daughter. Apparently, this went on for so long, that Lisa eventually developed an STD, and Henry exposes his shame for expoiting his daughter like that. He tells the doctor all about his failing marriage, and all other woes in his life. The doctor reminds him that Jesus can forgive all sins, and in typical Jack Chick fashion, Henry repents and his life starts to take a turn for the better, even though logically, the doctor should've called the police to arrest him on charges of sexual abuse and prostitution.

Charlie himself is never made to pay for his crimes. However, due to her entire family getting "saved," Lisa will never be molested again. Because of his behavior - as well as on Henry's part - he is arguably the most despicable character to ever appear in a Chick Tract. What makes it worse is that while Henry does redeem himself, Charlie is never made to pay for his actions. As such, it can be assumed that he would continue to commit these horrid actions. However, as he didn't repent his sins, he likely ended up in Hell.


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