It'll be dark soon, Charlie will be waking up...
~ Maxwell as it turns to dusk.

Charlie is a demonic female monster who is the secondary antagonist in the video game Don't Starve and main antagonist in the games multiplayer campaign Don't Starve Together.




Charlie as Maxwell's assistant.

Charlie was born in America. In the early 20th century, she met Maxwell, a British magician who was performing in California. She became his female assistant in his act, and the duo got very popular. One day, something went terribly wrong. Maxwell and Charlie were pulled in the Don't Starve world by shadow hands. Maxwell was made the 'ruler' of the world they were pulled into, and Charlie became a demonic monster.

Don't Starve

In the game, Charlie is an invisible demon who will kill you if there is not enough light. As she attacks you will hear a whooshing noise (similar to the sound of flight) and your character will start getting hit. In about 5 hits, your character will die. Charlie will kill the player even if they have finished Adventure Mode and are playing as Maxwell.

Don't Starve Together

In the more recent puzzles, Charlie has been revealed to be unchanged, but corrupted by the darkness of the world. She injured Wilson Higgsbury after she freed him from the throne, showing her corrupted side, and proceeded to take over the darkness of the world and taking her seat on the Nightmare Throne.

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