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You two didn’t work with me, and look at the android you created! I’ll give you no other chances... YOU ARE FIRED!!
~ Charlie as he fires Sofia and Paul.

Charles also known as Charlie is the the main antagonist turned anti-hero in four special episodes of Yo Soy Franky. He is one of the minor protagonists and he is the president of EG Enterprises in the entire Season 1.



Charlie appears as one of the minor protagonists in Yo Soy Franky: Season 1, and also as EG’s president

Firing Sofia and Paul

In some time Charlie wants to check how new are Franky and Roby. He gives them a test. Franky has everything ok, but Charlie is disappointed in Roby. He fires Sofia and Paul for tricking him and takes Franky and Roby.

Keeping Franky and Roby as his own

After firing Sofia and Paul, Charlie keeps Franky and Roby as his own. He changes their files, deletes their family out of their system, and makes them thing that he’s their dad. Then they go to school and say that their dad is Charlie. Charlie goes to the principal and announces that he will be the new dad of Franky and Roby. But Sofia and Paul have a JPS, that can make them remember about them, Wilson distracts Charlie, then Sofia and Paul put on the JPS, but it doesn’t work and Charlie brings them home.

Cloning Franky and Roby

After some time, Charlie decides its time to send Franky and Roby to Japanese. He makes them remember about their true families, he clones them and traps the real Franky and Roby in eggs. The clones do bad to Franky’s and Roby’s relationships. Franky and Roby are able to escape back to Sofia and Paul, but Charlie comes after them and takes them back to the laboratory. In some days he makes Sofia and Paul back to work and gives them the clones.


Soon, Franky and Roby escape again, once Charlie isn’t watching. They prove to their families that the Franky and Roby that they have are clones. The clones come back to Charlie and attack him. Charlie is saved by Sofia and Paul, he allows them to keep Franky and Roby.