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Protect and serve, that's what we do!
~ Sheriff Hoyt ironically quoting the slogan of many police stations.
That slaughterhouse meant more to this town than them fools will ever know. Just a matter of time now Before this town's overrun by bikers and hippies. Most families have already fled. Well, I say let them go. Let them flee to the hills, and the cities who pollute our air and our water and our minds. Us... we're staying right here. The ashes of six generations of Hewitts have been tilled into the soil of this farm. We will never abandon the place of our birth. We're on our own now, people. And alone... we will rise above it all. People may not remember what we say here tonight. But they sure as shit will remember what we do! Thanks to the good sheriff here... We ain't gonna go hungry tonight. Matter of fact, we ain't never gonna starve again.
~ Sheriff Hoyt infamous speech before saying Grace.

Charlie Hewitt Jr., also known simply as Sheriff Hoyt, is one of the two main antagonists of the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the main antagonist of it's prequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. He is the head of the Hewitt Family.

He is portrayed by the late R. Lee Ermey, who has also portrayed Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, Sheriff Warren Pike in Life, Stone in On Deadly Ground, John House in House M.D. and Mr. Frank Martin in Willard.


Charlie Hewitt Jr. was born into the Hewitt family and grew up under his mother Luda Mae Hewitt and his uncle Monty Hewitt. Monty would later join the Army, and during the years serving the army he would be a Vietnam War veteran, where he was a prisoner that was forced to devour people. He would return to his home and discover the existence of Leatherface. Charlie became his adoptive brother's mentor and became the head of the Hewitts after Leatherface kills his former abusive boss.

He was called by Sheriff Hoyt to stop him, only for Charlie to murder him to protect Leatherface, later taking the sheriff's identity. He would later convince his family to become cannibals and later attack a group of young adults and biker duo with Leatherface as his top enforcer. Together they had commit murders for years with him being the sheriff. He would later be killed when Erin repeatedly runs him over in her car.


Shit, I just killed the whole f*cking Sheriff's department.
~ Charlie Hewitt after he kills the real Sheriff Hoyt.
Ladies love a man in uniform.
~ Charlie Hewitt assuming Sheriff Hoyt's identity.
A man's home is his f*cking castle! What the f*ck are you doing in there?!
~ Hoyt.
Bullshit, Tommy. Now... Look at that Tommy, that right there is Goddamn slopy. That'll get infected, even 'em up.
~ Hoyt orders Leatherface to cut off Monty's other leg after the latter cuts it.





  • Charlie was replaced by his twin brother in the comics.

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