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After this, I'm going to touch you down.
~ Charlie MacDonald's depute
~ Charlie MacDonald

Charlie MacDonald is a minor villain in the video game; No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. He's the 25th ranked assassin of the UAA. The girls on his cheerleading squad (that Travis refers to collectively as Charlie's "hos") which are all assassins as well.

He was Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal who also played Jasper Batt Jr. in the same game, Shogo Akuji and Matt Miller from the Saints Row series, and Mercury Black and his Chibi counterpart from the RWBY series.


Charlie Macdonald wears a large American football uniform, containing mainly the colors green and yellow. His shirt also sports his rank number, 25 in neon.


Not much else is known other than the fact that Charlie is the star quarterback of Destroy University's football team, and that he is so attractive that girls just seem to flock to him. Together, Charlie and the cheerleaders can summon and pilot the Santa Death Parade, a giant laser-firing robot.

Boss Battle

Santa Death Parade

Charlie mostly fights by using powerful punches, shooting lasers, and throwing a large football that's really a bomb. When Travis defeats him in battle, the robot containing the assassins flies into space to escape. Travis pursues them in his own mech, then obliterates the robot with a giant beam cannon, immediately jumping to rank 25. Charlie and the cheerleaders are never heard from again.


  • All of Charlie's Cheerleaders are ranked 26th to 49th.
  • Charlie Macdonald is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
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