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Christmasland is my life's work. It is a place of wonder and joy. Your friend Haley is there safe and sound with all of my other children. I've given them everything.
~ Charlie Manx about Christmasland.
Victoria McQueen, come out and say how do!
~ Manx taunting Vic.
Who wants to go to Christmasland?
~ Manx in the Season 2 trailer of NOS4A2.

Charles T. "Charlie" Manx is the main antagonist of the novel NOS4A2, the television show of the same name and the protagonist villain of the comic series The Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland. He is a powerful creative that kidnaps children from parents he deems abusive or cruel and takes the children to Christmasland a place where Christmas is everyday and unhappiness is against the law. Christmasland is his inscape, a place that everyone has but only strong creatives can bring into the real world. His knife, the iten that allows strong creatives to bring inscapes to the real world, is a 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith that if damaged causes harm to Charlie himself. His powers have a cost that he is able to fight by absorbing the children he "rescues" souls, causing him to be immortal. He alos is Jolene July's archenemy and currently is Victoria McQueen's archenemy.

In the television series, he is portrayed by Zachary Quinto, who has also played Sylar in Heroes, Dr. Oliver Thredson in American Horror Story, and Crosby Franklin in Hotel Artemis.



Charlie states that his family lived in a mining town and most children thought of him as odd. Charlie would play outside riding his sled and building snowmen and his mother made him go outside so that she could enjoy herself. Years later he became attached to Jolene July and wanted her to be a mother to his children in Christmasland but she became skeptical and he attempted to murder her. He then went on to cripple her and leave her in a psych ward. 


The series starts with Charlie as an old man kidnapping a child by luring him with candy. He later kills his assistant. Manx opens a map of inscapes as sees the shorter way appear and tells the child that they dream of Christmasland together. The child is then delivered to Christmasland.

Manx then takes a look for his new assistant, Bing Partridge, who he promises to take to Christmasland after "saving" 10 children. He takes Bing to the "Graveyard Of What Might Be", a place that shows kids that have not been saved or need to be saved. 

Charlie visits Jolene and teases her with her skates. Bing and Charlie then go to the shorter way and meet Haley who is soon to be Manx's next victim. Charlie is taking Haley to Christmasland when she starts to change and then Manx compares her mother with his' to which after a while Haley admits who the strong creative is that Manx is looking for and then delivers her to his inscape.

Manx arrives at Bing's house and tells him how to handle the situation of Vic finding Haley's mother's body. Manx then meets with Vic at a bus station to which he tells her to be his children's mother. He then notices that his Wraith is being attacked and his Wraith runs over the attacker and he soon leaves.

Jolene eventually attacks the Wraith mortally wounding Manx causing him to go to a garage to fix the Wraith to restore his health. After healing he takes Sherrif Bly to Christmasland to feed him to the kids. He then goes to a bar to which he admits to a friend that he wants Vic to be his partner. Bing captures Vic's boyfriend, Craig, and gives him to Manx. Vic goes after Manx to which he traps her bike in her inscape and burns his house down with her within it. 

The Wraith is damaged by Craig which causes Manx to go for gas where he encounters Vic. After a short scuffle Vic burns the Wraith killing Craig and mortally wounding Manx to a coma. The Wraith is found by a mechanic that jumpstarts the engine briefly which awakens Charlie allowing him to scare a nurse ensuring that he will be back.


Charlie is usually a polite individual but is known to get upset when his patience is tested. While his actions are evil he genuinely believes his actions are justified and that the parents are cruel to the children. He is however still a ruthless killer thinking nothing of his victims. He isn't entirely evil as he does care for his children and individuals he wants to be the mother of Christmasland. 


Manx is a man of average height and build and is usually seen wearing a navy blue tail coat over a red button up and a red handkerchief, navy blue pants, black gloves, and occasionally a limo hat. His hair has a widow's peak and is usually slicked back. When old however he is almost bald and is frail in his figure.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality

His ability as a strong creative allows him to restore his health when taking kids by absorbing part of their souls. However when the Wraith is damaged he is hurt badly and if completely destroyed he will die.

  • Razor Sharp Claws and Teeth

While not shwon in the show a child of his inflicts frostbite upon Vic which could be the same for Charlie as well as the same for teeth of the vampires. The features also allow him to puncture flesh easily.

  • The Wraith

His knife is able to drive by it self and there is a boundary between toe back and front seats that only Charlie can rbeak through.

  • Near Omniscience

He is shown to know the n ames of people he encounters and about their personal lives allowing him to easily manipulate them.

  • Telekinesis

He is able to shut the doors of the Wraith but is all he shown to do with this power and it is unknown if he can move any object or just the Wraith.



  • Quinto spent four hours a day getting into his makeup for the role.
  • The liscene plate NOS4A2 is a reference to Count Orlok.
  • Quinto originally declined the offer to play Charlie Manx, but came around after reading the scripts.
  • The actor stated that this is his third "powerful, archetypal villain" that he has played and thinks of it as a good thing.


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