Everything I do, I do for us.
~ Charlie vowing to get his property back.

Charlie Peck is the main antagonist of the thriller film The Intruder. He is a hunter serial murder who hunts down and kill anyone and thing on his property. He terrorizes the Howards when they bought his house so he can reclaim his property.

He was portrayed by Dennis Quaid, who also played Lieutenant Payton in Pandorum and Ely Vaughn in Beneath the Darkness.


Charlie Peck is a delusional savage who devoted his life to his home and family (mainly his house). It is mentioned that Charlies wife was wanting a divorce with Charlie, and wanted to kick him out the house. But Charlies insanity grew and decided to make it look like his wife committed suicide, by putting a shotgun in her mouth. Years have gone by and Charlie put the house up for sale, and a couple moves in named Scott and Annie Russel. While the Russells were in the house Charlie keeps on visiting them ominously and still thinking the house is still his. Scott is starting to figure out what Charlie is up to and where he came from, while Scott's friend Mike is helping.

One night Mike came over to see what was going on, and was caught by Charlie. Charlie felt like he was a threat and Charlie swung an ax at Mikes Chest, and stored him in the bottom of the house where Charlie was happening to be living. Scott finally finds out about Charlie, and how he murdered his wife, and what he has been planning. Charlie finally gives up and tries to kill Scott and steel his wife for him and rape her and live happily ever after in the house. Charlie was killed by Scott out of self defense, and Annie calls 9-1-1 and says "My husband just shot an Intruder".


Charlie is a very violent over protective man, who wants nothing more but his land back. Charlie will stop at nothing to get his land back.

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