Spirit of adventure, my ass! It's every man for himself!
~ Charlie Zephro

Charlie Zephro is a secondary antagonist in the 1996 film The Phantom.

He is portrayed by David Proval.


Charlie was the younger brother of crime boss Ray Zephro, and served as his sibling's second in command. The two of them and their syndicate were close allies with businessman Xander Drax and often did favors for him. During the time Ray was in charge, Charlie secretly longed to take over - he waited quietly and said little, simply following Ray around and doing his brother's bidding.

Charlie was with Ray when the two were assigned to follow Diana Palmer, and later was present at a boardroom meeting at which Drax explained how he intended to use the mystical Skulls of Touganda to take over the world. Charlie was interested, but his brother disapproved. When Ray wanted to back out of their arrangement, Charlie refused to go with him, opting to remain with Drax.

He showed no emotion except mild surprise when Drax killed Ray with a spear he used to decorate his office. Afterwards, Charlie became the new head of the Zephro family.

After Drax acquired the second Skull, Charlie accompanied Drax, Quill, Sala and the captive Diana to the Devil's Vortex in search of the third and final Skull. He became increasingly uneasy, wondering if maybe Ray had been right to question Drax's plans. When the group was captured by the Sengh Brotherhood and brought before their leader, Kabai Sengh, Charlie panicked and pulled a gun from an ankle holster and pointed it at the pirate king.

He demanded he be allowed to go free or else he'd shoot Sengh. Sengh calmly responded by ordering one of his subordinates in Chinese to fire their cannon. By the time Charlie realized what was happening it was too late, and a direct hit from a cannonball killed him instantly and sent him flying across the pirates' lair and into the water.


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