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Charlotte and Michael

Charlotte is one of the antagonists in the critically panned comedy movie Jungle 2 Jungle, she is the fiancée of Michael, the protagonist, who is getting married to Charlotte rather than his old wife. He's signing for divorce papers and Charlotte is very lustful, she just wants to make out all the time and not bother about any aspects of life.

She was played by Lolita Davidovich.


Charlotte is less than happy about having "Mimi-suki", Michael's new son, in their house, as she is a very conceited New Yorker who believes her way is the best. She openly pleads with Michael she can't watch the kid and Michael assures her it'll be easy, that his son's a man and he can look after himself, then when he goes back home they can make out, which Charlotte likes.

Charlotte is sleeping practically almost naked when Mimi-suki creeps into her bed and looks at her crotch. Charlotte smiles, thinking it's Michael, but then wakes up and screams upon seeing the boy. He says she has a nice "puchi-puchi" (vagina) and she starts hitting him and says "That's the last puchi-puchi you'll see around here you little savage!"

To add to Charlotte's displeasure, Mimi-suki spies on her naked in the shower and sets off his pet tarantula into the stall. It scares Charlotte who tries to kill the spider and it tries to break in through the door.

Charlotte isn't seen again afterwards; at least until the end when Michael dumps her and says he's going back with his old wife. Can be assumed these two combined accidents triggered like a collision.

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