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Sounds good... The baked sweets from that country were the best. I bet the country must have smelled delicious after it was all burnt down... It's a shame really.
~ Big Mom to Bobbin about the condition of an island she ordered her men to destroy.
Bring me sweets! If you do, I'll make a promise with you! A promise of peace! And of a dream country! If you listen to what I say, you will all live happily! And if you don't listen... you're being selfish! And I'm gonna kill you!
~ Charlotte Linlin
This insolent pirate that ate my sweets intrigues me! Forget Fishman Island, now that you've chosen to go against me I'll just have to get my revenge on you instead! Well then Monkey D. Luffy, now that I know who you are, come here. Let's chat in the New World!
~ Big Mom over a Transponder Snail responding to Luffy challenging her and eating her candy.
I'm here, Kaido! Just you wait, Straw Hat! Zeus! You're coming back to me, too!
~ Big Mom when arriving at Wano.

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, is a major antagonist in the manga and anime franchise One Piece. She is the main antagonist of the Whole Cake Island Arc, the secondary antagonist of the second half of the Wano Country Arc, and one of the main antagonists of the Yonko Saga. She is the archenemy of the Giants of Elbaf, and one of the archenemies of both Monkey D. Luffy and Gol D. Roger.

She is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates, former member of the Yonko, the matriarch of the Charlotte Family, and queen of Totto Land. She was once a part of the Rocks Pirates along with Kaido, 40 years ago until they were defeated by both Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp. She recently formed an alliance with him and his crew to take over the world before ending their alliance and continue to kill each other. Her bounty is one of the highest bounties in the world, at 4,388,000,000 berries. After her defeat by Kid and Law, the World Government stripped her status as a Yonko.

She is voiced first by the late Toshiko Fujita and later Mami Koyama in Japanese and by Pam Dougherty in English.


Original Personality

Big Mom is portrayed as a gluttonous and greedy individual who enjoys her candy and sweets. Unlike Whitebeard who protects the islands without anything in return, she only cares about the candy the islands give her so that she can protect them. Big Mom can be very sinister since she would destroy an entire island with innocent civilians if she does not receive the tons of candy the island promised her. She feels that a deal is a deal and if a deal cannot be made then everyone including the dealer on the island should be destroyed. Overall, she seems to believe in not helping anyone unless she herself gets something out of it.

Big Mom is obsessed with having power, as she will not hesitate to marry off her children to bolster her crew. She also has a strong value towards blood relations, as she views anyone that is not blood-related, like her husband, as outsiders and strangers. In fact, she did not hesitate to abandon her husbands and cast them aside after getting more children and was more than content with their deaths. Overall, despite being the mother of several children, Big Mom seems to only value them in strengthening her crew in the process. Big Mom (along with Kaido) are obsessed of Ancient Weapons (Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus) of willing to use them to wage war against the World Government.

Big Mom is also willing to murder any of her children that had left her by sending a hired assassin such as Lola who betrayed her in the past and was willing to force Nami to tell her where Lola was located to do so (something that Lola is completely unaware of). This hatred towards Lola has resulted in her physically abusing Lola's twin sister Chiffon due to their resemblance which resulted in Chiffon turning against Big Mom in secret and participating alongside her husband Capone Bege's plan to assassinate her mother. She is also partly hypocritical, as she is only willing to maintain alliances that personally suit her purposes. Big Mom is willing to betray any allies that she has little use for and is also willing to go back on her word if necessary such as with the Vinsmoke Family and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Big Mom is highly sadistic when she enjoy seeing her enemies suffer and die. Witnessing Kaido behead Kurozumi Orochi, she reacts by laughing in excitement.

Like Akainu, Big Mom is a provoker when she mocked Luffy by calling him a coward to get him to fight her.

Despite her cruel and unsympathetic nature, Big Mom cares for Mother Carmel, the woman who nurtured her when she was a child. She has dedicated her life to Mother Carmel's ideas of a place where all races of people can live in peace. Big Mom has a deep connection to Mother Carmel and cherishes the portrait of her. She is willing to attack anyone if they happen to touch the portrait randomly. Despite not caring too much for her children's safety and well-being and being overall violent, she genuinely likes Mother Carmel. She is extremely supportive to her youngest daughter, Anana for her psychopathic nature as well having no problem allowing her to have knives.

Big Mom has shown to be merciful when she is obsessed for the most rare and mysterious creatures as she only wants to capture them alive to add them to her collections rather than killing them as she only wanted to capture Brook alive even though she is not going to forgive the Straw Hat Pirates. She only let anyone go back safety if they paid the price such as when Pedro offered his eye to her by take only fifty years of his lifespan.

It is because of Mother Carmel that Big Mom believes that all races should live together in her kingdom and supports the idea of racial equality. However, in return for the protection, she requires all her residence to give a piece of their souls every six months as compensation so that they can live safely in Totto Land. Big Mom also seems to have a strong disdain for giants as Vinsmoke Judge points out that there are no giants in Totto Land which made her mad at him. Because of her bad history on Elbaf in the past and not having the giants as an ally to take down the other emperors, Big Mom holds a strong dislike for giants in general.

Due to her obsession with Germa's science technologies, Big Mom is also manipulative when she pretended to be friendly and formed an alliance. In her truth, the alliance was faked and the wedding was rigged as Big Mom has no uses for Judge or his family. She lied to Sanji about her promise of letting Luffy and the others live peacefully and intended to kill his crew due to them eating the sweets in Fishman Island and defeated Cracker. She intended to use the Vinsmokes to get her hand on their weapons and technologies.

When Big Mom is rampaging because of not having a certain food to eat, she is shown to be violent, dangerous, and destructive to everyone around her and is most likely to attack anyone regardless if they are her enemies or not. Despite rampaging and seemingly losing her ability to tell who is her family or not, Big Mom is capable of identifying people she is familiar with like Pudding but will not restrain herself from attacking them either. Also despite rampaging, she has an understanding of what she is doing and how significant her actions can be such as telling Jinbe that she would be forced to kill her eldest son, Perospero, if she found out he lied to her which she admits she would not want to do.

Big Mom cares a lot about her reputation and would get easily enraged when someone does something to ruin her built up a reputation. Because of Luffy's action on Whole Cake Island, Big Mom holds a special hatred for the young pirate and vows to go after him and kill him to fix her reputation. Big Mom also dislikes the news if it does not report anything in her favor. Big Mom is also willing to contact a Yonko, Kaido to set up an alliance for her own benefits. Big Mom is highly persistent of wanted to kill Luffy in order to regain her reputation for return the Tea Party and later grand feast with Kaido.

Personality from Amnesia

After falling off the waterfall in an attempt to get into Wano Country and nearly drowning, Big Mom lost her memories. Unlike her original personality, she is shown to be jovial and friendly.

She thanked Tsuru for the food she ate but kindly says it was not enough food for her. Like her original personality and how she was as a child, she is excited at wanting to get more food to eat. When she craves special food to eat, she would tell others how much she would like to eat it. Big Mom will attack anyone who refuses to give her the food she wants such as attacking Queen for refusing to give her O-Shirukos. When she does not get the food she wants such as the O-Shiruko, Big Mom would become enraged at the people who ate the food she wanted.

Unlike her original personality who was selfish, Big Mom admits she wants the O-Shiruko so that she could also share it with the villagers she met. Despite losing her memories, Big Mom was wrathful when she lost the O-Shirukos and would go on a rampage when someone inconveniences her.


Charlotte Family

  • 43 ex-husbands: Big Mom has no concerns for her former husbands as they now mean nothing to her. She only married them by abduction and bore children with them and later discarded them. She also never allowed them to hold their own children and taught her children to see them "outsiders" due to their lack of blood relationships with her. She doesn't have any qualms of letting one of her children to kill her former husbands such as when she permitted Cracker to kill Pound.
  • Children: Big Mom does not show too much care for her children. While in her eating disorders, she has no qualms taking their lifespans. She doesn't justify her action of letting her children get abused by bullies in their childhood for their psychopathy and cruelties even for her favorites. She has no qualms to force her daughters to marry to gain strength within her crew but use one of her favorite daughters for a rigged wedding to kill the groups' leaders and take all of their army and power for herself. She is extremely supportive of her youngest daughter, Anana for her psychopathy of mutilating her stuffed animals with knives and has no objections of letting her to acquire knives. She viewed Katakuri to be a "lowly child" of hers when she mistook his protection for her. Due to Lola's betrayal, Big Mom hates Lola and is willing to send assassins to kill her to search for her whereabouts. She even abused Chiffon for her resemblances to Lola and be willing to kill her due to her being association for Bege's failed assassin plot. However, if one of her powerful children is defeated, she showed rage to deal with the latter.

Big Mom Pirates

  • Streusen: Sixty years ago, Linlin met Streusen after the disappearance of Carmel. He decided to ally with Linlin and they would start up Whole Cake Island as her dream island as a place where all races and species would live in peace on the island without facing discrimination. He also helped her in the creation of her crew. Unknown to Linlin, he is fully aware of the truth of Carmel's disappearance and was amused by Linlin's role in it.
  • Big Mom Pirates: Big Mom gives commands over her subordinates. She orders them to what she wants.
  • Homies: Homies are Big Mom's creations who she placed the lifespan into inanimate objects. Zeus, Napoleon and Prometheus were created from Big Mom's very own lifespan. She will kill them if they disobey her which they cannot. Later on Zeus' continued uselessness eventually resulted in Big Mom creating a new thundercloud Homie to replace Zeus named Hera, who unless Zeus is able to fully combine her power with her fellow special Homies for stronger attacks. This betrayal resulted in Zeus turning against his former master, resulting in Big Mom stripping him of her soul allowing Hera to consume his body, unaware that Nami's attempt to save Zeus allowed his soul to merge completely with her Sorcery Clima-Tact.

Rocks Pirates

  • Rocks Pirates: Big Mom was once a member of the Rocks Pirates. It is unknown if she was loyal to her deceased captain, Rocks D. Xebec.


  • Kaido: Big Mom and Kaido were once on the same crew called the Rocks Pirates in the past. In the present, they are not allies anymore. When Luffy claims to defeat Kaido, Big Mom said there is no hope to defeat him as she called Kaido a "thing". Kaido has shown not so much respect for Big Mom as he called her an "old hag". When Big Mom called Kaido of letting her kill Luffy, Kaido refused and threatened her to kill her if set foot on Wano. Big Mom isn't afraid and came to Wano with her strong children, but Kaido ordered his men to sink her ship before it would be an all-out war. When Big Mom is escorted to Onigashima, She and Kaido fought until an unknown reason they formed an alliance to conquer the entire world before they return to kill each other again. Kaido revealed during the announcement of the "New Onigashima Project" that his alliance with Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates would involve finding the Ancient Weapons and the One Piece and waging a war on the world. Witnessing Kaido beheaded Kurozumi Orochi and announcing his new plans, Big Mom was laughed and expressed excitement. In their final battle against Luffy, Kid and Law, they were both defeated by the three of the Worst Generation as well presumably dead when they fell into the magma deep within Wano Country, which caused a massive explosion.
  • Edward Newgate/Whitebeard: Big Mom and Whitebeard were once on the same pirate crew called the Rocks Pirates. Big Mom mentioned Whitebeard about Lola's engage marriage for the Giants in her attempt to overthrow him.
  • Other Yonko: Big Mom's desired to overthrow her fellow Yonko to become Pirate King.


Straw Hat Pirates

  • Monkey D. Luffy: After eating her sweets in Fishman island, Big Mom tells Luffy to come to the New World to settle scores with her. After arriving at Whole Cake Island, Big Mom greets Luffy with hostility by sending Cracker to deal with him. After Cracker's defeat, Big Mom sends her entire army to capture Luffy. After captured Luffy, Big Mom talked to him in her Den Den Mushi. When they clash in the Tea Party of Luffy's claim of dealing with her after Kaido, Big Mom tells him that he will never defeat Kaido and ensure to never leave her territory alive. After she failed attempt for execution on Luffy and manage to escape, Big Mom shown rage by leaving her territory to try to kill him of taking back her reputations. In her amnesia, she attacks Luffy after eating Shiroku until Queen knocks her out, allowing her to regain her memories. In Onigashima, Big Mom sees Luffy and telling him that she came all the way from her territory to kill him. She mockingly asked if he believed he would defeat Kaido. Luffy tells her that he came all his way to defeat Kaido, her, the All-Stars, Orochi and her crew announcing it to be an all-out war. When Luffy attempting to get to the roof to face Kaido, Big Mom tried to kill him when using Napleon until she was distracted by Nami.
  • Sanji: Big Mom was interested in having a political marriage between Sanji and her daughter, Charlotte Pudding, so that she can form an alliance with the Vinsmoke Family and Germa 66. When Sanji arrived in Totto Land, Big Mom pretended to be friendly and welcoming to him. When Sanji told her that he did not want for the Straw Hat Pirates to get killed, Big Mom lied and said she would not harm them. Before the wedding, Big Mom revealed that she intended to kill Sanji, the Vinsmokes, and the Straw Hats and take all the technology from Germa 66 for herself. During the wedding ceremony, she was looking forward to seeing Pudding kill Sanji in front of everyone. When that failed, she attempted to fight against the Straw Hats. When Big Mom had another hunger pang, Sanji was confident that his wedding cake would be strong enough to take her down.
  • Jinbe: Jinbe was once her ally but betrayed her to side with Luffy. She failed to attempt to steal his lifespan due to his lack of fear toward her. After he officially left her crew, she wasted no time seeing him as an enemy and tried to attack him. Big Mom tried to hinder Jinbe's escape from Totto Land with the Straw Hats but failed. In Onigashima, Big Mom still holds hostility towards Jinbe for going against her and tells him that she will kill him. Jinbe calmly invites her attempts on him.
  • Brook: Despite being a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Big Mom only wants to capture Brook alive to add him to her collection of rare and mysterious creatures even though she is not willing to forgive the Straw Hats for destroying the photograph of Mother Caramel. While meeting him again in Onigashima, Big Mom is still obsessed with taking Brook for herself.
  • Franky: During the raid of the Fire Festival, Franky attacks Big Mom with his motorcycle causing her to fall onto the floor. Big Mom got back up from the attack without sustaining any major injuries. When Big Mom confronts him and Brook, Franky introduced himself to her. When confronting Big Mom, Franky did not show any fear of her and attempts to attack her with a powerful laser beam.
  • Nami: When Nami and her teammates were in Whole Cake Island, Nami was against Big Mom and was only interested in rescuing Sanji from her and the Vinsmoke Family. Due to Nami's friendship with her estranged daughter, Lola, Big Mom assigned Opera to torture Nami to interrogate of Lola's whereabouts in order to send an assassin to kill her. When Big Mom had her hunger pangs, Nami was quick to use Zeus to attack her and stop her from getting close to her and her teammates. Despite having more than one confrontation with Big Mom, Nami told Franky to run away from Big Mom because she was an emperor and to not fight her showing that she is fearful of Big Mom's powers.
  • Chopper: When he arrived in Totto Land, Big Mom intended to have him killed along with the Straw Hats and his allies. During his time in Totto Land, Chopper went against Big Mom and was willing to help Capone Bege in his assassination attempt on her. Chopper only cared to rescue Sanji from the Vinsmoke Family and Germa 66. In Wano, when Big Mom washed up on the shores of the country, Chopper was terrified to see her present and was fearful for the level of threat she would pose to his team. When Big Mom had amnesia, Chopper was a bit calmer but was still on edge being around her. Chopper used Big Mom's amnesia as an opportunity to get her to help him break Luffy out of Udon prison. During the Fire Festival, Big Mom recognizes Chopper in the Brachio Tank V and attacks him.
  • Nico Robin: During the raid of the Fire Festival, Robin rail Big Mom outside of Onigashima's castle. When meeting Kaido in the roof, Big Mom tells Kaido to not kill Robin as they need her alive for her knowledges to Road Poneglyphs.


  • Monkey D. Garp: Big Mom had known Garp for over 40 years and was aware of his relation to Luffy by addressing the young captain as Garp's grandson. She and the rest of the Rocks Pirates were defeated by Garp and Roger. When heard she and Kaido formed an alliance, Garp shown annoyed by the news.
  • Gol D. Roger: Big Mom has known Roger 40 years ago during her time with the Rocks Pirates before her defeat by Roger and Garp. During her time as captain of the Big Mom Pirates, Roger infiltrated her territory and treasure room and escaped her territory with a copy of the Road Poneglyph caused Big Mom in rage.
  • Capone Bege: Big Mom trusted Bege to carry out her orders when he was working for her. Bege was willing to shoot down Pekkoms when the latter went against Big Mom's orders and tried to pretend that he was a loyal member to her crew. However, Bege was planning to assassinate her for his satisfaction and allied with her enemies, the Straw Hats, to help him with his plans. When the assassination attempt failed, Big Mom attacks Bege for his treachery. Bege manages to escape from Totto Land and escape from Big Mom, but is no longer a member of the Big Mom Pirates.
  • Germa 66 and Vinsmoke Family: Big Mom acts to be friendly of forming an alliance with Vinsmoke Judge and his children. Until she revealed that she has no use of the family as Sanji's wedding was rigged for the Vinsmoke's Massacre. After showing her betrayal, She defeats Judge and his sons Niji and Yonji with ease. Before going to Wano, Big Mom once against easily defeated Niji and Yonji and take them as prisoners though Judge, Ichiji and Reiju escaped.
  • Giants: Due to the massacre of her eating disorders, the giants holds hatred toward Big Mom. Big Mom was hoping to become allies with the giants so that she could use their military power to take on the other Emperor's of the New World. Big Mom was willing to not honor her deal with the giants and was willing to use one of her twin daughters, Chiffon, since her other daughter Lola did not want to marry Loki. Big Mom was willing to trick the giants of Elbaf into getting into a treaty and an alliance. However, the giants realized Big Mom's trick and chose to not have any business with her again. For years, Big Mom harbored hatred for the giants and would get visibly upset over anyone bringing up the giants such as when Vinsmoke Judge brought up the giants. Despite her hatred and bigotry of the giants, she want to make her family as big as her through the giant experimentation with Caesar Clown's help.
  • World Government and Marines: As a Yonko, Big Mom is an enemy of the Government and Marines as she is one of the greatest threats to their operations. 40 years ago, Big Mom and her crewmates (during her time with the Rocks Pirates) murdered many Celestial Dragons and their slaves before faced both Roger and Garp. The Government shown in fear with Big Mom formed an alliance with Kaido for their attempt to conquer the world as Rocks once attempted.
  • Eustass Kid: Kid earned Big Mom's fury when he sank two of her allies' ships and injured one of her Sweet Commanders. Kid revealed he never was attempting to take Big Mom's head. When Big Mom is shown in Udon, Kid is shocked seeing the Yonko. Kid was further shocked when he heard Big Mom formed an alliance with Kaido. He, along his rivals and Killer, fought against Big Mom as well Kaido. Kid and Law pushed Big Mom out of Onigashima towards the ocean below. During the fight, Big Mom showed no restraint towards Kid and his alliance and at one point punched his face into the ground. Big Mom often talked down to Kid and his allies thinking they could not defeat her. She was interested in killing them so that she can continue her allegiance with Kaido. When Big Mom was about to her defeat by Kid and Law, she says that this would not be enough to kill her and wants to get revenge against Kid for defeating her.
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law: Due to his allegiance with Luffy, Law made enemies with Big Mom. Law is shocked that Big Mom formed an alliance with Kaido. Law and fellow worst generation fought Big Mom and Kaido. Law come up with a plan to throw off Big Mom from Onigashima to the ocean. When Big Mom attempted to call Zeus, Law tells her that Zeus cannot save and that it's time for her to drop out. Big Mom was interested in killing Law along with the other Worst Generation when they fought against her. She often times talked down to Law and others thinking that they could not defeat her. When she was about to lose in her battle to Law and Kid, she states that the attack is not enough to kill her and that she wants revenge against Law for her defeat at Onigashima.
  • Pedro: Five years ago, Pedro invaded Totto land to attempt to copy Big Mom's Poneglyph. She attempted to kill Pedro and steal all of his 50 years lifespan for scarring Tamago. When Pedro offered his eye to Big Mom, she decided to reduce to 30 years and let Pedro go back to Zou.

Powers and Abilities

As a former Yonko, Big Mom is known around the world and by the World Government as an extremely powerful individual. With her powers and influence, she rules over the archipelago, Totto Land, and many islands in the New World. Because of her powers, she is feared by many in the New World. According to the Gorosei, she is one of the few individuals who are powerful enough to defeat Marshall D. Teach.

Physical Abilities

Big Mom has immense physical strength and durability. Her skin is able to resist physical damage that would normally severely injure or kill anyone who is reckless. Her skin is able to resist gunfire, cannon fire, and other attacks without leaving a scratch on her body. With her immense strength, she can rampage throughout a town and destroy buildings by eating them. Despite her size, she can climb on top of the buildings.

According to Capone Bege and Sanji, Big Mom's toughness skin is considered to be an iron balloon. Her strength even hurt Bege in his "Big Father" form and Queen one of three right-hand men of Kaido. In spite of her durability, she got her nose rammed by Franky's Kurosai FR-U IV.

During her initial fight to the death with Kaido, Big Mom fought equally to her fellow Yonko.

When anyone damages the Mother Carmel photo, Big Mom would go mentally insane and begin screaming. Her unique scream is powerful enough to incapacitate anyone around since it is very loud. Her scream is also imbued with Conqueror's Haki which can knock out anyone near her and can even destroy incoming projectiles.

Devil Fruit Abilities

Big Mom with Prometheus in her hair, with Napolean in her hand, and Zeus below her.

Big Mom ate the Soru Soru no Mi (Soul Soul Fruit) allowing her to interact with the souls of anyone around her. She has the ability to take anyone's soul in the form of a lifespan and use it in any way. Throughout Totto Land, inanimate objects are given a piece of a person's soul and become a being known as a "homie". Big Mom is capable of summoning two of her homies known as Zeus and Prometheus. Zeus is capable of emitting and creating lightning while Prometheus is capable of creating fire. In battle, Big Mom uses both of them to fight against her enemies. Big Mom created her new cloud Homie called Hera to replace Zeus.

Like other devil fruits, Big Mom's weaknesses are drowning if she would fell into the water and Seastone when Queen and his subordinates detained her 100% pure Seastone chains which are strong enough to hold her.

Though Big Mom steals souls when those are afraid of her, but cannot steal their souls when anyone is not scared such as Jinbe.

Weather Manipulation

With her special Homies, Prometheus and Zeus created from her very own soul, Big Mom can manipulate the weather. Whenever one of her Sweet Commanders were defeated, Big Mom showed her fury and use Prometheus and Zeus to cause a rainstorm to summon her entire army to deal with one who defeats the Sweet Commander.


Big Mom has tremendous swordsmanship when her Homie, Napoleon who can transform into either a cutlass, longsword, or heraldic seax.


Big Mom is one of the few people in the world who is capable of using all three forms of Haki. Law stated that he could not directly move Big Mom around inside his "ROOM" due to her Haki being too strong.

Haoshoku Haki

Big Mom possesses Haoshoku Haki. She was first seen using it at Sanji and Pudding's wedding to knock a man out for questioning her relationship with Mother Carmel. When her portrait of Carmel was destroyed, a distraught Big Mom unleashed her Haki, which, along with her loud screams, incapacitated most of the party guests. When she fought with Kaidou at Onigashima, the clash of their Haoshoku Haki caused a massive shockwave that split the sky open. Big Mom is also one of the few individuals able to imbue their Haoshoku Haki into their body or objects, signified by thin lightning-like streams of dark energy emanating from the imbued area. This allows her to dramatically increase her attack power as a supplement to her natural physical strength and Busoshoku Haki.

Busoshoku Haki

Big Mom has vast mastery of Busoshoku Haki. By hardening her arm, she easily blocked Luffy's Gear 4 Kong Gun with just one arm, a notable feat, since that attack had been shown to be capable of breaking through the powerful Haki defenses of highly skilled Busoshoku Haki users such as Doflamingo, Cracker, and Katakuri. Like Luffy's Gear 4, her Busoshoku sports flame marks at its ending. She is also capable of using the advanced application of projecting her Busoshoku Haki out from her body, allowing her to strike opponents without directly making contact with them.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Big Mom possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki.


  • Big Mom is the only Yonko who is a female.
    • This makes her likely the most powerful female in the entire series.
  • Before he met her, Sanji imagined Big Mom as a slim attractive woman.
    • Ironically, when she was twenty-eight years old, Big Mom was skinnier.
  • In Chapter 847, Big Mom had a conversation with Luffy and Nami where she revealed that she would have allied with a powerful force to take down the other Yonko and become the "Pirate King". Despite being a woman, the title "Pirate King" is gender-neutral and throughout the story, it is stated whoever finds the one piece treasure is given the title.
  • There has been speculation that she accidentally ate Carmel and the Sheep House orphans which made them "disappear".
    • Moments after Carmel and the children's disappearance, Linlin gained the Soul-Soul devil fruit. Carmel was the previous owner of the Soul-Soul Fruit.
  • In the SBS of One Piece volume 88, Big Mom's height was revealed to be eight-hundred and eighty centimeters or nearly twenty-nine feet tall. She is the tallest member of the Big Mom Pirates and Charlotte Family. However compared to the giants whose average height is twelve meters, Big Mom is much shorter than them. And in One Piece, she is not considered or classified as an actual giant.
  • Big Mom has forty-three husbands and eighty-five children which makes up the Charlotte Family. Out of her eighty-five children, she has forty-six sons and thirty-nine daughters. Many of her children are also a part of her pirate group called the Big Mom Pirates.
    • Big Mom also has grandchildren that are a part of the Charlotte Family but the number of grandchildren is not known. The only known grandchild that was shown in the Whole Cake Island Arc was Capone Pez (Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon's son).
    • Only one of Big Mom's husbands, Pound, has been revealed in the Whole Cake Island Arc.
    • Big Mom's marriage practice of having forty-three husbands is known as polyandry where a woman has more than one husband.
  • Big Mom's second known bounty was at five-hundred million berries as a child. That is the highest known bounty for any child in the series.
  • Big Mom is the female pirate who has the highest bounty more than her daughter, Smoothie.
  • Big Mom along with Sabo are the two characters so far in One Piece to be affected by amnesia.
    • Unlike Sabo, Big Mom lost her memory for a brief period of time. She lost her memory in Chapter 931 and regain her memory in Chapter 947. Her memory loss lasted for 16 chapters.
  • Like most characters in One Piece, Big Mom has unique laughter. Her laughter is Mamamamama/Hahahahaha.
  • Her landlord deal of Totta Land is taking a month of life from its inhabitants every six months, so twice a year. Mathematically, this means she causes someone to age an extra year every six years. Thus, if the tenant/victim lived to sixty, they would technically be seventy.

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Officers: Sugar | Giolla | Lao G | Senor Pink | Machvise | Dellinger | Gladius | Buffalo | Baby 5 | Monet
Others: Bellamy | Caesar Clown

Emperors' Crews
Beast Pirates
Govenor-General: Kaido "of the Beasts"
All-Stars: King "the Conflagration" | Queen "the Plague" | Jack "the Drought"
Headliners: (Tobiroppo: Page One | Ulti | Who's-Who | Black Maria | Sasaki)
(Others: Sheepshead | Ginrummy | Basil Hawkins | Holdem | Speed | Babanuki | Daifugo | Solitaire | Dobon | Jigoku Benten)
Gifters: Batman | Gazelleman | Mouseman | Alpacaman | Madilloman | Rokuro | Snakeman | Rabbitman
Others: Scotch | Scratchmen Apoo | Pleasures | Waiters

Big Mom Pirates
Captain: "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin
Sweet 3 Generals: Charlotte Katakuri | "Thousand Arms" Charlotte Cracker | Charlotte Smoothie |
Officers: Charlotte Perospero | Charlotte Compote | Charlotte Daifuku | Charlotte Oven | "Demon Lady" Charlotte Amande | Charlotte Opera | Charlotte Brûlée | Charlotte Broyé | "Scribe" Charlotte Mont-d'Or | Charlotte Cinnamon | Charlotte Galette | Charlotte Prim | Charlotte Kato | Charlotte Akimeg | Charlotte Fuyumeg | Charlotte Pudding | Charlotte Flampe
Combatants: Baron Tamago | "Sweeper" Bobbin

Blackbeard Pirates
Admiral: "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach
Ten Titanic Captains: Jesus Burgess | Shiryu "of the Rain" | "The Supersonic" Van Augur | "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro | "Demon Sheriff" Laffitte | "Crescent Moon Hunter" Catarina Devon | "Colossal Battleship" Sanjuan Wolf | "Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot | "Death God" Doc Q

Other Pirate Crews

Golden Lion Pirates
Captain: Shiki the Golden Lion
Others: Dr. Indigo | Scarlet

Kid Pirates
Captain: Eustass Kid | Killer

Rocks Pirates
Captain: Rocks D. Xebec
Others: Kaido of the Beasts | Charlotte Linlin | Shiki the Golden Lion | John

Other Pirates
Alvida | Bellamy | Demaro Black | Drip | Mounblutain | Caribou | Capone Bege

Other Groups
Baroque Works
Officer Agents: Mr. 0 | Miss All-Sunday | Mr. 1 | Miss Dounglefinger | Mr. 2 Bon Kurei | Miss Goldenweek | Mr. 3 | Mr. 4 | Miss Merry Christmas | Mr. 5 | Miss Valentine
Frontier Agents: Mr. 7 | Miss Father's Day | Miss Monday | Mr. 9 | Mr. 11 | The Unluckies

God's Army
God: Enel
Priests: Ohm | Satori | Shura | Gedatsu
50 Divine Soldiers: Yama | Hotori & Kotori

Franky Family
Franky | Zambai | Square Sisters | Tamagon | Kiev | Schollzo | Kop

Sea Kings
Lord of the Coast | Master of the Waters

Germa 66
Vinsmoke Family
Vinsmoke Judge | Vinsmoke Ichiji | Vinsmoke Niji | Vinsmoke Yonji

Kurozumi Family
Kurozumi Orochi | Kurozumi Higurashi | Kurozumi Kanjuro

Orochi's Army
Kurozumi Orochi
Orochi Oniwabanshu
Captain: Fukurokuju
Others: Daikoku | Fujin | Raijin | Hanzo


Higuma | Wapol | Kinderella | Duval | Caesar Clown | Smiley | Hakuba

Eric the Whirlwind | Nelson | El Drago | Bear King | Hyena Three | Honey Queen | Gasparde | Needless | Noko | Tatsu | Baron Omatsuri | Lilly Carnation | Jessica | Don Accino | Arbell | Breed | Byrnndi World | Bill | Lola | Mad Treasure | Gild Tesoro | Baccarat | Douglas Bullet

Zephyr | Ain | Binz