Charon is a villain appearing in comic books published by CrossGen Comics.

He was originally a human originating from ancient Earth, but gained enough power to physically ascend beyond humanity and transformed himself into the primary god of the Negation universe.

He has conquered nearly all of the Dark Universe, and has now decided to return to Earth in order to reclaim it, as well as the surrounding universe.

In Negation #26, Evinlea attacks a planet, drawing Charon's attention. Once Charon confronts her, Evinlea goes about seducing Charon and gets him to admit that he's forgotten what sex is like; this leads to the two of them having sex, causing a massive release of energy that eradicates half of the planet they're on. After their tryst, Charon agrees to make Evinlea his consort, but warns that if she betrays him or if he simply gets bored with her, he'll kill her.

Charon's fate remains unknown, since CrossGen filed for bankruptcy.

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