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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
~ Charon quoting the phrase inscribed on The Gates of Hell.

Charon is the ferryman of the dead who appears as an anthropomorphic boat with a giant ship for a body. His sworn duty is to ferry the souls of the condemned across the infernal River Acheron, to Limbo beyond.

He was voiced by Bart McCarthy, who also voiced Virgil.

Although he is physically incapable of directly attacking people due to his lack of any actual limbs save for the head, Charon is able to summon various Demons to fight Dante. He is later killed after Dante uses an Asterian Beast to tear his head off. His severed head is later shown within the Citadel of Limbo, still repeating the inscription from the Gates of Hell. In the game, when you find his severed head in the citadel, the player can push it off into the Abyss to get the "Burning Eyes" achievement.



  • In Greek mythology, Charon was named after the ferryman of the Underworld whose very duty was to ferry the souls of the deceased across the Rivers Acheron and Styx.
  • In Greek burial custom, the dead were buried with a single coin, a drachma, placed upon their tongue. Archaeologists believe this was placed so as to pay the ferryman for passage across the river (This could be why the developers placed a Judas coin aboard Charon).
  • In "The Inferno", Dante also placed Charon as the ferryman of Acheron. His job was to ferry the Souls of the damned across Acheron, and into Limbo.
  • In the game, Charon can be heard saying various quotes that are actually written over the Gates of Hell in the original poem.
  • Charon's Ferry appears as an arena in the Trials of St. Lucia DLC.


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