Charon (Pluto in the Japanese version) is a commander of Team Galactic introduced in Pokémon Platinum.

In the Pokémon anime, he was voiced by Herb Lawrence in English and Ken'ichi Ogata in Japanese.

In Game

After Cyrus's defeat, while Saturn redeems himself and takes over the business and research aspects of Team Galactic, Charon takes over the criminal aspect and leads an attempt to capture the Legendary Pokémon Heatran. However, Mars and Jupiter ends up deserting, claiming that things were more interesting when Cyrus was in charge, and he is arrested by Inspector Looker.

In the anime

Charon appeared in Saving the World From Ruins!, albeit not in a speaking role. He is seen briefly in Team Galactic's base.

Charon made his first full appearance in Gateway to Ruin! along with Saturn where they were trying to find the Spear Pillar on Mt. Coronet.

Charon made another appearance in Team Galactic's finale from Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! to The Battle Finale of Legend!, where he assisted in the final stages of the Red Chain project. He is not arrested, unlike the other three Commanders at the end of the arc, and presumably escaped.

He appeared briefly in Memories are Made of Bliss! in Team Rocket's fantasy with all the other members of Team Galactic.

He is often seen with a laptop computer and does much of the technical work for Team Galactic's plans, such as monitoring energy levels and other statistics. Compared to the other Galactic members, he is the most laid-back and upbeat, which often causes one-sided squabbles between him and Saturn.

Pokémon Adventures manga

Main article: Charon (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure)

Charon made his first appearance in the manga by attempting to suicide bomb a stadium full of innocent bystanders. When that failed, he kidnapped Cyrus, and he tried to murder two of the top officials of the organization who were researching the whereabouts of the previous leader.

Charon was power-hungry and he planned on controlling the world by selling Legendary Pokémon to the highest bidder. He also planned on conquering Kaisei so that he could enter into the Distortion World in the hopes of acquiring Giratina. He first appeared as a silhouette in "Surprise Visit from Hareta's Father!" and he was also shown battling for the first time in "Charon Must Be Stopped."


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