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Charybdis is a major antagonist in the Gameknight999 series. He appears as a supporting antagonist in Last Stand on the Ocean Shore, a major antagonist in Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, and the main antagonist of Overworld in Flames. He is a blaze-king created by Herobrine.


The Mystery of Herobrine

Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

In the third book, Charybdis is created by Herobrine as one of the Four Horsemen. He, along with FeydXa-Tul, and Reaper, leads the army of monsters in the final battle. The monsters are overpowered, and Charybdis goes back to the Nether.

Herobrine Reborn

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

In the third book, Gameknight and his friends go to the Nether to pursue Herder, who was possessed by Herobrine's XP. In the Nether, Charybdis and his blaze army attack Gameknight and his friends; however, Gameknight builds a Wither to distract the blazes.

Charybdis joins the final battle between the NPCs, users, and monsters. He shoots a fireball and kills Monet113, only to have her respawn (she is only playing the game from her computer-she isn't actually in the game). Gameknight, enraged, engages Charybdis in a duel. Gameknight almost kills Charybdis, but is stopped by Herobrine, who engages Gameknight.

In the aftermath of the battle, Herobrine is trapped inside a hard drive, and Monkeypants destroys the hard drive, killing Herobrine. Gameknight and his friends leave the Nether, while Charybdis' blazes continue their battle with the Wither.

Herobrine's Revenge

Overworld in Flames

In the second book, it is revealed that Herobrine had used his XP to infect The Great Lava Ocean in the Nether, so that any blazes that bathe in it have their fire powers enhanced. Charybdis leads his blaze army to lay destruction on the Overworld using their newfound powers, trying to turn it into the Nether. They encounter resistance from Snowbrin, a light-crafter, but it does little to stop them.

Later, Butch leads the NPC army into the Nether to fight the blazes. They are overpowered, but receive backup when Gameknight, Hunter, Stitcher, Herder, and a squadron of elderly NPCs show up. Charybdis fights Butch and fatally wounds him. Gameknight furiously throws his diamond sword at Charybdis and kills him.



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