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The Charybdis Minosaur is a Charybdis-themed Minosaur created by the Druidon Tribe from the negative emotion of Gachireus, based on his desire to prove to Pricious that he is worthy and its the main antagonist in episode 38 of 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


The Charybdis Minosaur made its first appearance where it used its power to drain all the water in the river. He'd then appeared alongside its host Gachireus and when it was commanded to drain the water from the fountain it was stopped by the arrival of Bamba and Towa who'd transformed and battle this minosaur along with the arrival of Melt and Asuna. However it used one of its ability to slow the team down long enough for Gachireus to take the attack after that it absorbed more water from the fountain. Then both Charybdis and its host left from the fight.

A while later the Charybdis Minosaur showed up to see the Drunn Soldiers being defeated by the knights, so it battle them by itself. However they figured out its weakness you see when all the water that it stores in its Water Tank well once depleted of it the Charybdis Minosaur won't be using any of its water-like abilities and if the knights keep attacking the Minosaur it won't refill any of the water for its ability anytime soon.

However thanks to Kureon taunting Gachireus he produce more negative emotions causing the Minosaur to grow to giant size and fought Kishiryuoh 5 knights blue. A while later it knocked the megazord out of the way and it was about to proceed to absorb more water however it was stopped by the arrival Koh and Canalo who'd finished their test at the temple in the sky. The water that it was about to absorb was frozen then it was pelted by Tyramigo attack, after that it was finished off by the Nobeless Ryusoul Gold and Max Ryusoul Red.


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