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Chatana is an ancient winged sorceress who conjured terrible monsters in an attempt to rule Vallestrella, only to be stopped and imprisoned inside a magically-sealed vault. Once freed by Ash and Esteban, she becomes a supporting antagonist of the third season of the Disney Junior TV show Elena of Avalor.

She is voiced by Gina Torres.


Chatana has long black hair with blue highlights that she keeps in a ponytail with braids on top of her head along with brown eyes and olive skin. On her eyelids is green eyeshadow. She wears a green robe, large gold earrings, and on her back are huge blue feathered wings.


Chatana is an evil and power-hungry sorceress who’d use her powers to conjure terrible monsters in an attempt to take over Vallestrella, not caring that they nearly destroyed it and Maru. Her uncaring nature extends to the monsters she creates, as while she does briefly mourn Chiki-Chiki’s loss, when Pili points out that she can simply make another one, she quickly gets over the fact that he got captured. She thrives on being evil, so much so that it is Pili confirming that Ash and Esteban are both evil that convinces her to join them. She is also clever as she thought to use Chiki-Chiki to distract Elena, Mateo, and Skylar so that she could escape her imprisonment without them seeing her.


In "The Last Laugh", Ash and Esteban attempt to free her from her prison in order to have her join their evil alliance only to discover that the vault she is kept inside of is boobytrapped. Regardless, Elena and Mateo end up unintentionally freeing her when they read the inscription on the wall, so she sends her Chiki-Chiki to distract them while she and her pet Pili search for her golden diadem, the source of all her powers. The Chiki-Chiki ends up getting captured by Elena, Mateo, and Naomi, and while Chatana does mourn his loss for a moment, she gets over it once Pili points out that she can simply make another one. She is then met by Ash and Esteban, who introduce themselves and explain why they freed her. Chatana is at first reluctant to help them, but Ash shows her that she has her diadem and promises to give it back to her once they’ve succeeded. Chatana asks Pili what he thinks, and after he confirms that both Ash and Esteban are evil, she agrees.




We are free, Pili! [...] Quickly, Pili. While Chiki-Chiki keeps them busy, we must find my golden diadem. Then we will be unstoppable.
~ Chatana moments after being freed.

My poor Chiki-Chiki. I will miss him dearly.
~ Chatana briefly mourns the loss of Chiki-Chiki.


  • Before making her debut in “The Last Laugh”, Chatana was mentioned multiple times in “Not Without My Magic”.


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