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~ Chatterbox

Chatterbox is the leader and warlord of the Hi Hats, one of the enemy gangs in Rockstar Toronto's 2005 video game The Warriors, based on the 1979 movie by Walter Hill. Chatterbox is vain and arrogant - obsessed with himself as proven through his art gallery (which is all paintings and sculptures of himself). After Snow, Ajax, Rembrandt and Cowboy trash his gallery in Mission 6: Writer's Block, Chatterbox takes his army of Hi Hats to Coney Island to get revenge on The Warriors in Mission 8: Encore. Chatterbox meets his demise when pushed into a speeding roller coaster by Cleon (the leader of The Warriors), killing him.


Chatterbox is highly self-centered and somewhat psychopathic. His art gallery proves his vanity, as it is seen with sculptures and paintings of himself. Chatterbox also speaks with a speech impediment that makes him stutter when speaking. Unlike most of the other Hi Hats, he actually speaks.


Chatterbox is very overweight, and wears clown make up like the rest of his Hi Hats. He wears a black buttoned suit.

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