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The Chaunakah Zombie is a minor villain in Futurama. He is, as his name implies, an evil zombie with Chaunakah-themed gimmicks. His exact origin is unknown, although, it can be assumed that, since voodooism had become very popular in the future, (Professor Fawnswoth states that it was used in the second coming of Jesus which resulted in most video tape being destroyed by zombie Jesus) that he was a dead and very religious Jew resurrected from the grave by voodoo to be the Jewish equivalent of Robot Santa but that he, like most zombies, was more interested in attacking humans and went on a rampage. Little else is known about him other than the fact that he seems to have control over his zombie urges and the fact that he is likely a mass murderer.

He is first mentioned in A Tale of Two Santas, in a newspaper that reads "Chaunakah Zombie still at large", later, it is revealed by Kwanzaa bot that he is good friends with both Kwanzaa bot and Robot Santa and that he is holding a leau for the two as his guests. He later makes his onscreen debut in the Futurama movie benders big score where it is revealed that he can speak (a rarity for zombies) and that he has a large number of weapons and devices which easily put him on par with the other two including a flying machine called the "TIE fighter" and an explosive dreidel made out of blating clay.


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