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Chauncey is a supporting antagonist of the movie Menace to Society. He was a former friend and business partner to Cain and O-Dog , until the night a Ronnie's going away party, where he effectively becomes an enemy to t

He is portrayed by the actor Clifton Powell.


Chauncey first appeared when O-Dog shows the tape of the liqour store assault, where he cheers at the latter's performance. When the insurance man comes over to show the picture of the car, Chauncey simply taunts and bullies the caucasian man throughout their meeting.

He sends Cain, O-Dog, and A-Wax on a failed mission to attain the vehicle. Chauncey shows up at the gang's cookout party in the park and later attends Ronnie's house party, where he drunkenly makes sexual advances towards Ronnie and was pistol whipped by Cain as a result.

Afterwards, Chauncey tells Doc that he plans to show the police the video tape of Cain and O-Dog's liquor store assault in retaliation. His fate becomes unknown after this, but Cain admits that Doc notified them of Chauncey's actions and suspects that O-Dog will kill him if the police doesn't get to him first.