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Cheddar Man also known as Charles, is the main antagonist of Class of 3000. He specializes in selling cheeses, fixing helicopters, doing teeth, and most of all, being a con artist. He is something of a shady character and is often seen selling contraband goods and services out of his car, like "Mr. Bristle" action figures that are really used toothbrushes, and bootleg movies which he shoots and in which he plays every part, such as the Wizard of Oz. He is known to be part of Sunny's old band, the "Sunny Bridges' Funkaneers", but after a giant blob attacked them, he quit and began his career as a con artist. Despite his conniving nature, Cheddar Man sometimes helps Sunny and his students when stuck in a situation which requires his expertise. Another example of him taking a break from villainy is in the show's Christmas special, "The Class of 3000 Christmas Special", where he wishes Sunny a merry Christmas rather than ruining the holidays. He has also been the kids' manager in the episode, "Am I Blue?". He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.  

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