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During Clark Kent's senior year at Smallville High, he had an encounter with the Cheerleaders of Devotion. Mandy, Mara, Mary, and Rhonda.

The group had created a substance in their chemistry class to control their jock boyfriends which was called a "love molecule" and never would have done it without Kryptonite.

They were portrayed by Amanda Walsh, Moneca Delain who also played Lisa in The Lost Boys: The Tribe, Lisa Marie Caruk and Chelan Simmons, who also played a Lotus Land Waitress in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.


Mandy was responsible for creating the "Love molecule" by combing liquid meteorites with a sports drink and then her friends realized they could make their boyfriends do whatever they wanted.

The Cheerleaders of Devotion put the love molecule into the water coolers during football practiced and the players who consumed it were brainwashed to do be completely devoted to their girlfriends without caring about their own well being.

Mandy seen as a goddess.

Mandy gave her boyfriend the drink and immediately Danny is suddenly particularly affectionate and obedient to her. The love potion, however, had a side effect to change the drinker's personalities. Fueled by a jealous rage, Danny attacked Assistant Coach Jason Teague with a shotgun in the locker room. Jason was saved by Clark Kent.

Chloe starts investigating the story and decides to ask Jason for an inside scoop on what might have made Danny freak out. Jason blew her off and Chloe sips the green sports drink from the players' cooler. Suddenly, she spots Clark on the field and realizes that she is completely and singularly devoted to him.

Lois agrees to interview the cheerleaders, because she needs the credit to graduate. She overhears the cheerleaders talking and sees one of them with a chemistry paper on "love molecules". She decides to investigate a bit more.

Clark Kent grew sick when drinking the potion because the beverage being made of kryptonite and was not affected by their feminine charms. As he is lying stunned on the ground, Clark notices the cheerleaders carrying the cooler away and makes the connection that there must be kryptonite in the sports drink.

Lois realizes the cheerleaders put together a science project in which they experimented on a "love molecule" whose effects are enhanced combined with meteor rock. She also notices Mandy always carries a folder with the specifics of the molecule, including the antidote, in her bag. She makes a plan to infiltrate a pool party and brings Clark along.

To cure those who were brainwashed, Clark feigned affection to Mandy while Lois Lane stole the formula from her purse and figured out how to break the potion's influence: exposing the infected to extremely high temperatures.

Information about Love Molecule

The Love Molecule was a hormone called phenylethylamine and acted as a love potion with combined with kryptonite. When consumed, a person becomes completely devoted to whoever they're interested in and doesn't trust anyone who looks at them with affection.

The Cheerleaders of Devotion used this to make their football player boyfriends completely devoted to them without doubts about the plan even though the football players who be driven to homicidal tendencies when they become extremely jealous.

Jason Teague, Chloe Sullivan, and Dan Cormay all had changed personalities after consuming the beverage and the only way to cure them was exposure to extreme heat. Clark Kent was only weakened by the serum that was developed when he drank it.

The following is from the notebook of one of the Cheerleaders of Devotion

It is a natural chemical that is similar to an amphetamine, suspected of causing the 'high' experienced by lovers. The theory is the production of phenylethylamine in the brain can be trigger by something as simple as the meeting of eyes or the touching of hands.

The heavy emotions linked to racing pulses, sweaty palms, and heavy breathing can be clinically explained as the result of an overdose. Some scientists have noted that high levels of phenylethylamine also occur in chocolate and have theorized about explanations for why people buy chocolates not lollipops on Valentine's Day.


  • According to the High School Yearbook, Mandy was most likely to "Have a Happy Marriage".


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