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Barbara Minerva, also better known as Cheetah, is a major character and antagonist in the DC Super Hero Girls franchise and a recurring antagonist in the reboot. She is the main antagonist in the first season of the webisodes and the secondary antagonist in LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High. She is a student at Metropolis High & Diana's Rival. 

She is voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the original series who also played Muffy in That's So Raven. In the Reboot, She was voiced by Tara Strong who also voiced Harley Quinn.


Original series

Cheetah wants nothing more than to rule Super Hero High with an iron paw. She’s very charismatic and that’s what draws the other girls to her. But watch out, she’s not afraid to cheat to get her way, just like her name suggests. Get it? She’s a cheetah.

In the film LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High, Cheetah joins Uber High, a high-school which is secretly for super-villains and becomes one of their top agents. However, while the rest of the students are unaware they are secretly working for Lena Luthor, Cheetah is her willing accomplice. In the end, Cheetah turns back to Super-Hero High, after Lena threatens to kill her friends, which Cheetah says Lena never mentioned. Cheetah claims she was brainwashed.

Reboot series


After being upstaged by Wonder Woman, she uses an ancient totem to turn into the Cheetah.





#Purse Scratchher

She fights against Catwoman for a purse and Zatanna takes it anyway.



  • She is referred to as an anti-hero in a video on the official YouTube account.
  • One of the few adaptations of Cheetah to mostly be a hero, rather than a villain. However, of almost all the students at Super-Hero High, she has always attributed the most villainous qualities.


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