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Hello there, children.
~ Chef's catchphrase

Jerome "Chef" McElroy was a supporting character in the first nine seasons of the adult animated series, South Park, and the central antagonist in the Season 10 premiere, "The Return of Chef". He also serves as a posthumous antagonist in few later seasons. Although he is usually presented as a hero, he has comitted some villainous acts, especially in his alternate forms of Darth Chef and Nazi Zombie Chef.

He was voiced by the late singer and actor Isaac Hayes. In his Darth Chef persona, he was voiced by the comedian Peter Serafinowicz.


Chef debuted as the philandering school chef of South Park Elementary. He was a very good friend towards the main protagonists Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, and would be a source of advice for them when they needed it.

Brainwashing and Death

In the episode "The Return of Chef," Chef is brainwashed into having pedophilic tendencies by the Super Adventure Club. He comes back to South Park but his personality has changed. He constantly makes comments that he wants to make love to the children in the school. With many efforts to snap Chef out of his brainwashing, they succeed until the Super Adventure Club come and brainwash him once again. Chef later dies after the boys go to the club to rescue their friend. As Chef was crossing the bridge from the club, a bolt of lighting strikes it  which causes him to fall and be impaled by a branch. He is then later attacked by a mountain lion and grizzly bear.

Darth Chef

Following Chef's death, the Super Adventure Club bring his corpse back to the club and is put in a suit parodying Darth Vader's. He also sports a lightsaber-esque spatula. It appears that the Super Adventure Club has successfully brainwashed Chef for good as he offers for William P. Connelly to such his "chocolate salty balls" but instead of meaning the candy he means his actual testicles. This version of Chef doesn't appear again and his body is supposedly but into a coffin.

Darth Chef

Nazi Zombie Chef

Chef appears as a major antagonist in the video game, South Park: The Stick of Truth, where he is revived by Clyde Donovan with the green goo and becomes a nazi zombie. He is shown to be stitched back together and his skin has changed from dark brown to light green. His dialogue consists of earlier audio clips and audio clips from Adolf Hitler His attacks vary from pulling out the chocolate salty balls confectionery from his chest gash, attempting to bite Douchebag, and his spatula being used as a melee weapon. When Chef's health gets brought down to 1, he regains control of himself and yells that he's back. While he says this, Clyde throws a molotov at Chef which causes him to burst into flames. In order to continue the game, Douchebag must let out a powerful fart which will cause Chef to explode and die once again.

Zombie Chef

Villainous Acts

  • In the episode "Pinkeye," Chef ends up ripping off a hospital patient's arm in order to prove that zombies can not feel pain but the patient was never undead. Although this could be considered an accident, Chef still harmed another person by showing negligence to even check if the person was undead or not.
  • In the episode "Chef Goes Nanners," he shows extreme animosity towards everyone else in South Park due to their flag being racist. Although he is originally rightfully angry, he starts to show contempt towards the boys when they say they see nothing wrong with the flag due to them being young and he also sets a man on fire. At the end of the episode, he realizes that if he keeps acting the way he does then he'll be as bad as the racists and he learns the error of his ways.
  • As stated before, "The Return of Chef" has him characterized very differently due to him being brainwashed by the Super Adventure Club. He makes multiple sexual advances towards the elementary school children saying that he wants to make love to them. His brainwashing was later reversed by the boys but these attempts become in vain due to the club brainwashing him once again.
  • Also stated before, Chef becomes a Nazi zombie because of Clyde Donovan in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is used as a way to kill Douchebag but when he is weakened he regains control of himself. This is very short-lived due to him dying once again.


  • Though Chef technically survived his death in "The Return of Chef" by getting brought back to life by the Super Adventure Club members as "Darth Chef", he has never been seen since then, either as himself or as Darth Chef. It's likely that this is because Isaac Hayes' passing in 2008, which means that "The Return of Chef" was Chef's final appearance. That said, Darth Chef remains appearing on the show's opening sequence.
    • For Chef's reappearance as a Nazi zombie in South Park: The Stick of Truth, old vocal recordings from Isaac Hayes were re-used to voice Chef. Strangely, Chef doesn't appear as Darth Chef but as a zombie even though he got resurrected at the end of "The Return of Chef".
  • Chef is shown to not possess a side angle and is constantly shown from the front.
  • His last name appears to be Scottish due to his parents being Scottish also.



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