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I'll bring the pain!
~ Chef Hatchet when hosting the challenge in "Eat, Puke and Be Wary".
Your contract disagrees, Doughboy.
~ Chef to DJ when bringing him in Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island.
Ring the bell and report to the infirmary! Your tour of duty is finished.
~ Chef to Harold in "Basic Straining".
Chris McLean: But Chef, I also have to know. Who bit the biggest?
Chef Hatchet: Umm... Those guys with that sad donkey thing. You lose! You're sending someone home! Tonight!
~ Chef and Chris McLean declaring Team Victory lost in "Super Crazy Fun Time in Japan".

Chef Hatchet is the secondary antagonist of the Canadian animated television franchise Total Drama, serving as the secondary antagonist from Total Drama World Tour onwards since he didn’t played an active role on it before.

He is an illegitimate cook who is Chris McLean's personal sidekick and right-hand intern, as well as his best friend who shares his habit of tormenting (even accidentally murdering via neglect for their well-being) for fun. He is also co-host of Total Drama as Chris often lefts Chef host in his nasty challenges whenever he is absent. Since then, Chef has become one of the most beloved yet hated characters of the series.

The character was voiced by Clé Bennett, who also played Harris Prime in Heroes Reborn. In Total DramaRama, he was voiced Deven Mack.


Chef Hatchet is the psychotic sidekick of Total Drama host Chris McLean. He provides the meals for the contestants, disgusting slop which has been slammed by all but a few competitors, but even they have complained about it at one point or another. However, some episodes have suggested that Chef actually does have exceptional kitchen skills. He will take over as primary host on rare occasions in which Chris is absent (or he tells him to). Given that both are equally unconcerned about the teenagers' well-being, it is hardly a far cry from the normal routine. Chef is bigger, louder, and much more confrontational and intimidating than his counterpart, who prefers a different outlet of striking fear into the contestants. However, Chef does show occasionally an ounce of care for some of the competitors, and is considerably less sadistic than Chris since he has been shown to sympathize with some of the contestants. This was most evident in the Total Drama All-Stars series finale, where he shook his head at Chris’ sadistic pleasure at presenting the course to the contestants, commenting that people were going to die in disgust, although he still retains the same apathy and sadistic pleasure Chris has for the contestants afterwards, just not completely. He is frequently seen wearing ridiculous costumes, usually women's outfits, which garner teasing from everybody present.

Chef has low tolerance of Owen for his stupidity and weird eating habits. When Owen made fun of his cooking, Chef takes it offensively when calling Owen as a fat boy. But nonetheless, He is shown to be thankful when Owen is the only one who appreciated his cooking despite they are disgusting.

Chef is sadistic when he tortures the competitors. He is also pleasured when Chris assigned him to whip Duncan with Chef's Olympic towel where he talking instead of singing ever since Duncan quit the show. When Chris let him host while in his absences, Chef declare he'll bring the pain.

Although he and Chris are friends, they have had more than their share of negative interactions throughout the series. Chris's selfishness and neglect of the competitors will sometimes be duplicated in his treatment of Chef. Chef is not at all hesitant to call the other out and, in some instances, he has threatened or come close to leaving the show because of it. Chris is always extremely against this idea. Chef is multi-talented, having been seen doing many things skillfully while Chris introduces challenges. He has claimed to have fought in a war, though it is unknown which. When learning Chris used to be in a boyband known as Fame Town, Chef didn't hesitate of laughing at Chris. Despite of arguments, Chef cares for Chris when he was flung by Scott's trap and later captured by the completely feral Ezekiel.

Chef has shown to be honorable at times, such as when he had Harold to go to the infirmary due to him vomiting too much mud, sprayed Bridgette due to her having skunks' stink, and let Owen go to the bathroom due to him having eaten fake food made of foam court, silicone, wax and sawdust.




  • Almost everyone else, but most importantly:
  • Ezekiel (archenemy)
  • Izzy (second archenemy)


Listen up! I serve it three times a day, and you'll eat it three times a day! Grab a tray, get your food and sit your buts down now!
~ Chef's introduction.
(Owen: Have a cow.) What was that?! Come closer, fat boy! I didn't heard you! (Owen: Oh, I didn't really say anything important.) I'm sure you didn't!
~ Chef Hatchet when Owen makes fun of his cooking.
Listen up you little cockroaches! I want all campers to report to the dock of shame at O 900 hours. That means now, soldiers, now!
~ Chef at the beginning of "Basic Straining".
(Gwen: Oh, this is going to be a fun day.) What did you say to me soldier? (Gwen:Nothing.) And you will continue to say nothing, until I tell you that you can say something!
~ Chef reprimanding Gwen for speaking out.
At least someone's appreciative.
~ Chef Hatchet's confessional of Owen's fondness for his cooking
I've gotta admit, I see a bit of myself in DJ. But I had to develop the macho in myself without someone like me helping. This is gonna be fun.
~ Chef explaining why he wants to ally with DJ.
Here's the deal. I'll help you man up and win this thing, you don't ask any stupid questions and you split the prize with me. Like they say, it's an offer you can't refuse. I won't let you.
~ Chef blackmailing DJ into an alliance.
That's German for shut up! Follow my lead and nobody gets hurt! Yet.
~ Chef in Slap, Slap Revolution.
I need five interns and a fire hose! ASAP! We'll get you out of there soon!
~ Chef ordering Interns of helping Chris after flung by Scott's trap.
The challenge is simple. You are the dorks, I am the hunter. You run off into the woods, I hunt you down. First dork to the flagpole wins.
~ Chef explaining the rules of a challenge.
I may have pushed her too far.
~ Chef about Zoey



  • According to Chris McLean in Not Quite Famous, Chef Hatchet is a former deejay, veejay, and rap artist.
    • Chris also refers to Chef as a former army corporal in Riot On Set.
    • In Dodgebrawl, Chef is also a referee.
  • Chef is one of two characters in the entire series to not have their first name revealed, the other being Sanders in The Ridonculous Race.
  • According to Total Drama Online, his birthday is May 21. This makes him one of three characters with confirmed birthdays, the others being Cody and Chris.
  • Chef is one of the five characters to have a unibrow, the others being Duncan, Eva an intern from Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, and Brick.
  • Chef is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Sierra, Alejandro Burromuerto, Ezekiel, Chris, Staci, Dakota, Dave and Heather.
    • Of those eight, Chef and Chris are the only ones who are not a contestant, and is also the only one who has been bald ever since the beginning of the show.
  • Chef is one of four known characters in the show to have a tattoo. The others are Geoff, Duncan and Courtney. Geoff's tattoo hasn't been revealed to the viewer, but Chef's is prominently seen on numerous occasions: a fouled anchor, which may prove to be a connection to his alleged services in the armed forces, most likely the navy.
  • Chef has cross-dressed on several occasions:
    • He wore a pink ballerina tutu in The Big Sleep.
    • He wore an airplane stewardess uniform (complete with a curly blond wig) in Phobia Factor and Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.
    • He wears a nurse's outfit in Who Can You Trust? and later in The Am-AH-Zon Race.
    • He wore a sleek fuchsia dress with a matching chef's hat with diamond earrings and a necklace in I Triple Dog Dare You!.
      • He continues to wear the dress for several episodes in Total Drama Action, including the opening sequence. He refused to wear it during the award ceremony in 3:10 to Crazytown, but he starts wearing it again from The Sand Witch Project onward. In Total Drama World Tour, he is seen wearing this in Niagara Brawls. In Total Drama All Stars, Chef wears this dress in Suckers Punched.
    • He wears a frilly, translucent pink southern belle dress complete with a bonnet and fan in 3:10 to Crazytown. He abandons it as well after Chris teases him.
    • He wore a small purple bikini and lipstick in Million Dollar Babies.
    • He wore a fairy costume while the McLean-Brand Chris Head was being introduced in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!.
    • He dressed up as a showgirl in Finders Creepers as the wardrobe has no more vampire costumes.
      • In an interview with Erin, it was revealed that Chris did not make Chef wear those dresses. It was "his own thing".
  • He is the only character with a mustache throughout the entire show.
  • Chef seems to be very skilled, besides being a chef he was portrayed doing a variety of tasks, like being a referee, a stunt tester, an airplane pilot (not very good), a soldier, doctor, nurse, man hunter, actor, boot camp instructor, substitute host, harp player, drums player, acting judge, bus/limousine driver, restaurant owner, writer, and a famous D.J. (D.J. Jazzy Chef, as called by Izzy) as well as dressing as a variety of costumes.
  • In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Chris stated that Chef sold "street meat" (roadkill) outside of a bus station before he was hired for the show.
  • Chef is one of the eight characters on the show to have visible abs, with the others being Chris, Justin, Alejandro, DJ, Mike, Lightning and Geoff.
  • Chef is one of only eleven characters to have a cleft chin, the others being Brick, Chris, Dakota, Geoff, Heather, Josh, Leonard, Rodney, Topher and Trent.
  • During Basic Straining, while the campers are holding up the canoes and while Chef is eating with Chris, Chef mentions being in a war. It is unclear which war he was in, but he mentioned going into a jungle, which may imply that he was in the Vietnam War.
    • Though it is likely that he wasn't actually in any war, since he refused to answer when Gwen asked him what war it was.
    • Additionally, Canada wasn't involved in the Vietnam War.
  • He is the only non-contestant that has an audition tape, excluding Mr. Coconut.
  • A few episodes, such as Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island and Mutiny on the Soundstage, seem to indicate that Chef is perfectly capable of cooking decent food and that the gross meals he serves to the contestants are purposely created for the show and not from lack of culinary talent.
    • That said, in the first season, he complains that only Owen appreciates his food, which may indicate that he may believe that he considers the gross meals he serves to be fine.
  • In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, it is revealed that Chef is a stress eater.
  • Chef is shown to be good at singing in Pahk'd With Talent.
  • The only seasons Chef did not host at least one episode were Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.
  • Chef Hatchet is one of the seven characters to have a gap in their teeth, the others being Cody, Mike, Sugar, Rodney, Heather (until hers got filled) and Leonard.
  • Chef, Justin, Lightning, Cameron, B and Leonard are the only males to have prominent lips.
  • Outside of Aftermath episodes, Chef has appeared in every episode except for Up the Creek and If You Can't Take The Heat....
  • Chef appears in the episode Superheroes on Skatoony.
  • In Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action , Chef did had shown to care at least a little bit for the contestants. But it all changed in Total Drama World Tour , when he had no problem throwing the contestants out of the plane and endangering them , or when he throwed Ezekiel out of the plane twice without a parachute (though all of those were Chris’ ideas).

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