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Mm, mm, mm. We meet again Skylander, hope you brought an appetite because tonight on the menu, we servin' you! Serve you as in cook you as a dish. Not serve you as in present the food to you. I can see how that would be confusing. Anyway, let's spice things up!
~ Chef Pepper Jack

Chef Pepper Jack is a supporting antagonist in the Skylanders franchise, serving as a supporting antagonist and trappable villain in Trap Team, a minor antagonist in Superchargers, and a supporting antagonist in Skylanders Academy. A Fire element trap is required to trap him.

He was voiced by Darin De Paul in Skylanders: Trap Team and John DiMaggio in Skylanders Academy.


Chef Pepper Jack was once the most renowned celebrity chef in all of Skylands – until he discovered ancient recipes for evil delicacies. That’s when he turned his thriving restaurant business into a formidable criminal empire. The scam was simple. He would fly his zeppelin fortress over a village and order the townsfolk to surrender all of their money. If they didn’t, he would promptly serve up the main course of spicy pepper bombs that would blow everything to smithereens! The Golden Queen valued both his explosive and non- explosive culinary skills and recruited him into the Doom Raiders at once. Now, when he’s not serving time in Cloudcracker Prison, he’s serving up atomic omelets of doom!


Chef Pepper Jack has the head of a pepper with a white head and wears a white chef's outfit. As he evolves, his headband turns white, and his outfit turns black. He has a green stem on his chin, which strokes it as a beard.

Powers and Abilities

He is armed with explosive peppers and a double hand whisk, which he uses as his weapons. It is also revealed that he has flame breath.





EGGsactly, Wolfgang. As a chef of great renown, I say P.U! P.U! However, I do like the chair...
~ Chef Pepper Jack's first words in the game.
Mm, mm, mm, what do we have here? Look like a Skylander come to protect 'dis mama bird for the big, bad chef. I just wanna make an extra spicy omelet and blow everyone up. Is that really such a bad thing? Look like 'dis Skylander don't want us making our Extra Spicy Omelet o' Doom! I know, I know. It all sounds crazy to me. So let's get 'em!
~ Chef Pepper Jack in Phoenix Sanctuary.
Kaos-your so called "awesomeness" is not needed around here. I gaurentee I have it totally under control.
~ Chef Pepper Jack to Kaos.
So what'll it be? You want the appetizer or the main course?
~ Chef Pepper Jack, defeated.
Don't know where I'm going, but I hope they got good barbe-CUE! Well, well. Wonder what we got cooking in here? Something with mustard? Mm! I guess you're the portal chef now!
~ Chef Pepper Jack, being trapped.
Hot, hot, HOT SAUCE!
~ Chef Pepper Jack, being summoned.


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