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Chekari Van Burden II is the second incarnation of Chekari, a powerful anthroid (artificial life-form) created by the super-villain known as Dr. Hilda Van Burden : unlike most anthroids Chekari would share a unique bond to Burden in the fact she "mothered" the entity by having him in her womb until he was "born".

Capable of taking the form of either a human or an anthropomorphic cheetah Chekari is very much the typical evil child of fiction complete with megalomania and a desire to perform criminal acts (which he often performs with alarming skill compared to his less serious "sisters") : this can be explain by the fact he has been raised to believe that he is destined to rule the world and thus suffers a God Complex even at his relatively young age.

Chekari's past also reveals he was originally far more dangerous and an adult but was forced to be shut down due to being uncontrollable - this fact was established by the fact even Zora was somewhat alarmed when she first learned a "new" Chekari had been "born".

Like all the Androzon cast Chekari is currently split into two personality types.. being a comedic character in his original Androzon appearances and being a darker character in the Extinctioners franchise.

Due to the events of the Androzons/Extinctioners crossover Chekari has become a rival to Micro, who is a classic heroic foil (being an artificial being created by humanity to aid in conquest but ultimately rebelled).

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