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Leif:: A flashy move is not necessarily an adroit one, Princess—for as you see, I now have you surrounded. Tell me, how will you escape this particular predicament?
Chelle: Hmm... Yes, this is...
Leif: Well? Will you force your way through regardless of the casualties you receive
Chelle: That is certainly what the OLD me would have done—fight to the very last man, even if it leads to my destruction. But a girl does not remain one forever. First, I flank you with my stone trebuchet. Then, using the cover it provides, I move my sorcerer princess forward.
Leif: Fascinating. These tactics are...
Chelle: Clever? Impressive? All that and more? I have changed, Leif. I am no longer an impetuous young girl, but instead a gorgeous maiden of depth and character. If it were necessary, I would not even hesitate to take a step backward so I might later take two steps forward and obtain an ultimate victory.
Leif: Your development is remarkable; your impulsiveness of old is nowhere to be found.
~ Leif's exchange with Chelle when playing Alberian Chess.

Chelle is an antagonist (later protagonist) from Dragalia Lost. The third scion of Aurelius, Chelle is essentially Euden's older sister. Initially appear as a seemingly stereotypical and snobbish princess who prefers to organize several lavish parties for her own amusement, in reality Chelle herself is a charismatic and competent ruler of the Radiant City of Chanzelia and is a skilled manipulator that can read people like books.

Despite seemingly forming an alliance with the heroes at first in order to take Morsayati and the Dyrenell Empire down in order to free Zethia from Morsayati's possession, she, alongside the rest of Euden's siblings, then pledge their allegiance towards Morsayati and Dyrenell Empire for several reasons. However, as the story went by, Chelle in reality, subtly helps Euden in her own way which in turn make her one of the "A Lighter Shade of Black" character alongside Valyx that sided with Dyrenell Empire, although unlike Valyx, she is more pragmatic, manipulative, self-serving and unpredictable when it comes to her real agenda is. She also forms a pact with cat like dragon known as Cait-Sith.

She is voiced by Saori Ōnishi in Japanese and Jacki Gunn in English.


Chelle has an appearance of a seemingly stereotypical and haughty princess at the first glance. She has a beautiful, long blonde hair, a beauty mark on the right side of her face and green eyes while wearing a small golden crown with three spikes and a small red gemstone in the center, a gold brooch and necklace. She also wears an elegant purple-lavender and white shoulderless dress, large gold bracelets in her arm and a gold corset in her waist part of her dress while also holding a purple, white and yellow hand fan in her hand. 

In some wyrmprints, she wears a modest lavender and black dress and during her childhood days, Chelle has a shorter hair, wearing a hairband with two purple flowers on both sides of her hairband and an elegant purple, lavender and white dress and white gloves.


At first glance, Chelle appears as a seemingly haughty and yet snobbish princess who prefers to throw several lavish parties for herself and prefers to entertain herself to alleviate her boredom due to the extremely rich resources that she had on her disposal. In reality however, she is a rather skilled manipulator whose emotions can be hard to predict. This is due to the fact that she possesses a skill that is capable on hiding her real emotions behind several masks that she had put in the public and her ability to control her composure so that she could express herself on a certain situations that she sees fits unlike her past self that fits the stereotypical haughty, impetuous and impulsive princess who throws temper tantrums when things didn't get in her way in the past.

An expertise in art of politics and manipulation, Chelle is a rather charismatic person that can sometimes win her people's heart because the hope that she gave towards her own people and how she views other people as a mere pawns to play in her 4D Chess Game. Chelle can be considered herself as a pragmatic person as she will join several sides in order to get what she wants. Because of her manipulation skills, unpredictability and her cunning personality, Chelle can be considered one of the most dangerous adversary to be dealing with.

Despite her manipulative and cunning persona, Chelle does possess several redeeming qualities at the end of the day. One of the examples of her redeeming qualities is on how she keeps her word and promise when someone made a deal with her. This was shown when she decides to made an alliance with the heroes to defeat Empress Zethia and several people who supported Dyrenell Empire despite pledging with Empress Zethia in the end. One of her contributions on subtly helping the heroes is on how she sabotaged one of the Dyrenell Empire's supporter inside out by tricking her brother, Emile, by intentionally letting him stealing the androids until it was revealed that the androids themselves prove to be a disadvantage for Emile himself.

Another redeeming quality that Chelle had shown in the story is where she tries her best to teach Euden on how to become a good leader despite sometimes manipulating him for her own ends. One example where she tries to teach Euden to become a good leader is when she gave him an advice that a leader should manage to elevate people to luxury instead of suffering along with them and also telling that the leader also needs to understand the trials and tribulations of their own people or at one point, when Chelle tries to make Euden's companions her personal horse, it was soon revealed that she taught Euden with this metaphor so that she could tell Euden that the leader must understood people's feelings.

In addition to all of this, Chelle does develop some feelings for love towards the White Sparrow captain, Leif, and plans to get him in her side by trying to impress him despite his rather dense personality and is shown to be the guy who prefers to protect innocent people more than anything else.


Chelle was mentioned around Chapter 2 by Euden alongside the other siblings of his with the exception of Emile who already made an appearance in Chapter 2. However, she makes her own first appearance in the story proper around Chapter 7 where she overhears the news about Euden forming a new empire known as New Alberia where she just seemingly dismiss it a bit but won't underestimate them if New Alberia become the enemies of the radiant city of Chanzelia, the place where she rules while ordering her butler to prepare a lavish party for her.

However, she plays a major role in Chapter 9 where she at first send an invitation towards Euden about the lavish party she will organized in a specific location mentioned in the letter while reminiscing about her childhood days with Euden after the heroes were running away from Valkaheim. However, despite the invitation, the rest of Euden's companions had several suspicions towards it as they assumed that it was a trap set by Chelle and the hardships they had gone through.

As the heroes were seemingly tricked by Chelle because they were lured into nothing but barren wasteland, Chelle then makes her grandiose appearance from her own ship considered to be one of Chanzelia's prides, Gran Fiore, a ship that is as big as a mountain and is able to travel through the desert. As Euden reunited with his sister again in excitement, she accepts his compliments while reminiscing about their childhood days together about playing horsey together with Euden acting as a horse that obeyed her orders much to Euden's embarassment.

As the party started, Chelle mostly treats the heroes nicely and despite one of Euden's companions, Cleo, began to grow suspicious towards Chelle after seeing her name engraved in one of the dress Chelle had given to her, Chelle then orders both Euden and Cleo to dance together in order to win their hearts and if the plan doesn't work, Chelle will admit defeat towards the heroes.

As Chelle manages to win Euden and the heroes heart, she then tells Euden that she invited another guests which is revealed to be the captain of the White Sparrow Knights, Leif, and his second in command, Patia, as they attempt to fend themselves off against the fiends that Chelle intentionally sent towards them for her own amusement. This resulted in the heroes having no choice but to participate in the battle in order to save both Leif and Patia.

After the heroes successfully manages to save both Leif and Patia, Chelle was amused by the charade although a bit disappointed at the same time when seeing Patia's shocked face because on how the latter loves to fight and also having an urge on defeating Empress Zethia once and for all. This was also revealed that she also did this so that she could teach Patia a lesson in respect as Patia had the gall to threaten the royal family.

As Chelle attempts to invite Leif to her lavish party, Leif has no intentions to have fun in the party as he knows that Chelle's spy network had been spying on him and Patia for some time and he used this opportunity for his real motivation: Persuading Chelle to form a cooperation in order to eliminate the tyranny of the Dyrenell Empire due to the fact that Chanzelia is also connected to it while trying to free Zethia from Morsayati's possession.

However, Chelle has no interest with the alliance that Leif attempts to form as she claimed that there is no advantage for her to do so despite all of the resources that she had to defeat the Dyrenell Empire due to the extremely exquisite material that Chanzelia had mined and sold to other people known as materium. Another reason why she prefers to not forming an alliance is because the Empire would spy on her which would disturb her attempts on throwing several lavish party in peace much to Euden and Cleo's disappointment.

When called out by Euden and Cleo due to preferring her self-interest more than anything else. Chelle then tells the heroes that empathy was always one of Euden's biggest weakness before giving them a speech about the masses doesn't want a leader to suffer alongside them but wanting a leader who tried their best to pull them out of their suffering as what Euden had done just to make his people's suffering even worse.

As Chelle attempted to continue the conversation with Euden, suddenly she receives an information from the Royal Guard Chief about the fiends that attempt to attack Chanzelia which would ravage the small villages surrounding it. She then decided to make the heroes to do the dirty work by defeating the fiends so that she could amuse herself and change her own opinion and join the alliance at the end of the day despite Cleo calling her out on how she bargained with the lives of her people and has no intentions to solve the problem.

After the heroes successfully saved Chanzelia from the attacking fiends, Chelle then secretly uses this moment as she gives a rhetoric speech towards her people that she and the soldiers will protect them despite giving credits towards Euden much to Euden's companions disappointment as they seemingly assuming that Chelle took the credit for herself. When called out by Patia about her cunning behavior, Chelle simply calls it as one of her political skills as she did this in order to provide a huge faith towards her own people that they were being protected by a great strength.

Despite the debacle, Chelle kept her word as she will form a cooperation towards the heroes by helping them to fight against Dyrenell Empire by pouring her resources such as her spy network to do so while also revealing that another reason why she decided to form an alliance with the heroes is because she didn't want to see her beautiful city soaked in blood. As the alliance began to form, the heroes then join Chelle's lavish party that she organized at night.

In the interlude of Chapter 9, the heroes then met Chelle in the outskirts of Chanzellia as she took some personal stroll for her own pleasure. After reminiscing a bit of her childhood, she then intends to make Euden's companions a brand new horse for her which resulted on some of them either accept or refuse Chelle's offer. It was soon revealed that the horse metaphor that Chelle had used was actually a method to teach Euden on how to become a good leader towards his own people.

After Leif and Chelle finishing their game of Alberian Chess, suddenly Euden, Leif and the rest of his companions becomes suspicious due to her rather unpredictable nature and seemingly hiding something from them. However, one of the greatwyrms, Jupiter, then suspected a rather dark energy emitted by the negative amount of mana hidden in Chelle's materium mines and as a result, the heroes then proceeds to investigate the mines in order to find the source of the negative mana itself.

As the heroes managed to travel deeper through Chelle's materium mines, they find out that numerous of fiends had been swarming her mines and deep inside the mine, there lies an ancient weapon from Dyrenell Empire known as Gran Criminale that were used in Great War of Antiquity hundreds of years ago. After discovering the weapon, Chelle then makes her appearance and told the heroes that she intends to use Gran Criminale to purge anyone who supports the empire and seizing Grastaea, uncaring of the thousands of innocents that will die by it because of them supporting the empire out of fear. It was also revealed that she also intends to make Euden join her side and fight the empire on her own terms under the pretense that she will let him live.

However, after hearing about Chelle's horrific plans, the heroes had no choice but to destroy the Gran Criminale once and for all. After the heroes managed to destroy Gran Criminale, Chelle seemingly experience a Villainous Breakdown after being defeated until it was revealed to be an act that she put as Leif pointed it out. It was soon revealed that Chelle's real intention is to let the heroes destroying the weapon that Dyrenell Empire implemented in her mine in order to disturb the operation much to Chelle's annoyance because of the weak security the mines had.

Another reason why she let the heroes destroying Gran Criminale is so that she wouldn't be indebted towards them much to Ranzal's disappointment. When Jupiter calls her out on her cunning behavior, Chelle then bribes him a materium in order to get away with it and when the flamewyrm, Brunhild/Mym, is seemingly hard to manipulate, Chelle then acknowledges Mym's relationship with Euden much to Mym's joy and shows how truly intimidating Chelle's spy network is.

After the conversation, the heroes and Chelle then return to the latter's lavish party. During the dance scene, she tries to express her true feelings towards Leif by dancing together and while Leif seemingly refused, she then ends up dancing with Euden peacefully and gracefully while using a metaphor about the dance being a battlefield.

Returning again in Chapter 10 alongside Euden's other siblings where she was invited by Empress Zethia and Harle to Clave Loy'elune, the largest binding ruin that seals Morsayati's main body. However, after seemingly making a promise about cooperating with the heroes in the first place, Chelle then betrays Euden by siding with Empress Zethia alongside Euden's other siblings while rebuking Euden that he had a lot to learn about diplomacy and no promises last forever.

Appearing again in Chapter 11, Chelle then filed a complaints towards Empress Zethia as she missed the little audience that she had granted towards Chelle herself for her little party before giving Zethia a gift by reviving the ancient androids Dyrenell Empire had used 300 years ago to slay the dragons. When both Chelle and Emile give the androids a test drive together by slaying a certain dragon, Chelle then warned Emile that if Empress Zethia continues to become more powerful, Chelle, Emile and the androids won't be able to be further use of the empress anymore.

After the conversation, Emile then steals the android Chelle had revived in order to use it to decimate the entire village and the population inside it to prove his own superiority. However, it was soon revealed that she actually still subtly helped Euden behind the shadows by intentionally let Emile stole the androids so that the androids would rebelled against him and joined Euden's side at the end of the day. After seemingly called out by Cait Sith about bolstering the military of Alberia which could be potentially dangerous, Chelle simply muses that there's still a long way to go for the heroes because Morsayati is just too powerful to be defeated.

Returning in Chapter 12, she then helps Leonidas by trying to defeat the heroes who made their move to Sol Alberia which resulted on them retreating to the Wooded City of Rovetelle. As the heroes attempt to avoided the Phobos Units dispatched by Leonidas, they were hopelessly outmatched due to Chelle's spy network that gives several information towards Leonidas's army.

As the heroes attempted to outwit Chelle, they ended up getting ambushed by her soldiers due to her effective strategy and as a result, Euden then made a proposal towards Chelle by killing him after defeating Morsayati once and for all as the latter had viewed him to be nothing but disturbing the peace and attempting to usurping the throne. Chelle however, declines the offer and withdrew her army from Rovetelle so that Euden and Leonidas can sort out their differences with each other.

In one of the extra parts of Chapter 12, she then participates in a meeting alongside Leonidas and Phares and tells one of her motivations joining Morsayati: She grew fascinated with the Empire's governance despite being labelled as an evil empire and how people in the capital was rather apathetic to it despite the poverty running rampant outside. This was seemingly intertwined with her another motivation on trying to stop Euden who seemingly disturbing the peace of the people who believes Zethia is the worthy heir of the throne.

While Chelle doesn't appear in Chapter 13, with the help of her spy network, they managed to alerted Leif about Phares and Empress Zethia's plans about enslaving several innocent dragons for their own gain and tries to put a stop of them once and for all and also telling that Valyx went to the northern parts of Grastaea while it was revealed that she and her army still stationing themselves in Rovetelle which resulted on the heroes attempting to infiltrate the capital easier.

Powers and Abilities

Being the third scion of Alberius and a competent yet charismatic ruler of Chanzelia, Chelle has several powers and tools in her disposal to make her a rather dangerous yet intimidating person to deal with such as:

  • Intelligence: Chelle possess a rather exceptional yet tenacious intelligence, willing to make some tactics if she faced a rather dire situation. This was proven during the Alberian Chess game with Leif as instead of fighting to the very last men when her chesspiece is trapped, she instead builds her own strategy when she was faced by trials and tribulations. In addition to all of this, she also uses her intelligence and her experience on leadership so that she could teach Euden on how to become a good leader. In addition to all of this, Chelle also possess a knowledge to revive several ancient machines that were used hundreds of years ago. Evidenced on how she managed to use Gran Criminale or reviving several androids in Chapter 11.
  • Master Manipulator: Combined with her tenacious intelligence, Chelle is also an exceptionally skilled manipulator. This was shown as she manages to convince other people to do her dirty work or making them become a player in her 4D Chess while she mostly watches behind the scenes. Evidenced when she let the heroes destroy the Gran Criminale in order to continue her mining operation or letting Euden fight the fiends that attack her city while she watches in extreme apathy only to be used for her own agenda. In addition to all of this, due to her ability to hide her true emotions behind variety of faces, she can also deceive and lie towards other people in order to get what she wants. Evidenced on when she manages to trick Emile to use the androids that could make him superior only it was revealed that the androids will rebelled against him, just as according to her plan to subtly help the heroes behind the scenes.
  • Charisma: Being a competent leader of Chanzelia, Chelle also possess a rather huge amount of charisma as she mastered the art of politics and manipulation. Evidenced by the fact when she manages to convince her citizens that she will be protected by her despite seemingly doing nothing so that she could give her citizens to cling on the hope that she had made towards them.
  • Unlimited Amounts of Resources: Due to Chanzelia possess a high-quality material known as materium which is a material that possess an impossible amounts of mana and can be used by the wielder as he or she desires while selling said material, the city of Chanzelia has become a rich haven thanks to it which resulted on Chelle possessing an unlimited amount of resources that can make her buy several weapons, army power or even throwing lavish parties for herself. Proven by the fact that she also possess a ship that is as large as a mountain known as Gran Fiore, so that she could held her own parties and said ship is a pride of Chanzelia. Because of those resources, Chelle also have an undeniably intelligence yet dangerous spy network that can spy other people so that she could gain a lot of information about the people that she spied on in order to be able to manipulate them in the palm of her hands.
  • Monster Master: Chelle also keeps several fiends and monsters under her thumb so that they could be used for her own amusement. This was evidenced by the fact where she uses her own monsters to fight against Leif and Patia while she watches with her own amusement. However, it was soon revealed that being the third scion of Aurelius, she also manage to make a pact with cat-like dragon known as Cait Sith due to her dragonblood running in her body.
  • War Strategist: During the battle against Euden in which she helped her brother, Leonidas, Chelle is also shown to be an effective strategist during the battle thanks to her spy networks. When she was seemingly outwitted by other people, she then uses several backup plans in the battle so that she could try to win it. Further shown in Chapter 12 where the heroes were ambushed by Chelle's plans as they were trying to outwit Chelle's movements.


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