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The talented ones need the blood, but their rage comes from their arrogance and certainty that they're better than everyone. The rage of the untalented is much darker, more intense. You hate the world for giving you dreams that were too big.
~ The Chemist explaining Muse's effects to an untalented addict.

The Chemist is the main antagonist of Red Tide which serves as the first part of American Horror Story: Double Feature. She is a mysterious scientist and drug dealer who makes and sells the designer drug Muse, and who directs its users to bring her the human blood she needs to keep her supply steady.

She was portrayed by Angelica Ross, who also portrayed Donna Chambers in American Horror Story: 1984.


Early life

The Chemist's life prior to the series is kept enigmatic and open to speculation, with all that being known for sure is that she once worked for the government, conducting experiments to create the perfect soldier.

Four years before the season's main events, the Chemist created the designer drug Muse, a black pill that effects the occipital nerve to bring out the full potential of talented people at the cost of giving them an insatiable hunger for human blood, and turning the untalented into monstrous, vampiric zombies called "Flesh Phantoms". In order to amass a customer base while keeping a low profile, she moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts, a seaside hamlet with a meth problem.

She eventually found perfect test subjects in Belle Noir, an erotica author, and her lover, playwright Austin Sommers. In return for a steady supply of Muse, they bring her other wannabe artists, both talented and untalented, to test her drug. She also found "talent scouts" to bring her fresh blood, such as Mickey, a male prostitute and aspiring writer, and Karen, a homeless painter cursed with bloodlust and severe bronchial problems.

American Horror Story: Double Feature

The Chemist is first seen when she is visited by Ursula Khan, a literary agent whose client, screenwriter Harry Gardener, has found instant success by taking Muse. Ursula offers to make the Chemist rich if she agrees to supply Muse exclusively to her to sell to her clients. The Chemist refuses, however, and later tells Noir and Sommers that they must kill Ursula, Mickey, and Harry in order to preserve their secret.

A flashback set four years earlier shows the Chemist at a piano bar in Provincetown, trying to talk hustler Mickey into taking Muse, intrigued by the possibility that there may be genuine talent behind his bravado about being a screenwriter. Mickey sees through her, however, and declines the offer; however, he is more receptive to the Chemist's proposal to pay him $50 for every test subject he brings her. Mickey introduces her to Belle, who is struggling to make a name for herself as a writer of erotica. The Chemist gives her a sample of Muse, which inspires her to write the best book she's ever written, and to kill and feed upon her unloving husband. The Chemist later tells her that the apes that served as Muse's first test subjects also exhibited violent behavior.

In the present, Ursula brings Harry's young daughter, Alma Gardener, a violin prodigy who has also taken Muse, to visit the Chemist. The three of them confer with town councilman Holden Vaughn, who is in business with the Chemist, as well as Noir and Sommers. The Chemist orders Noir and Summers to kidnap Harry's newborn son, Eli, so they can devour him.

Harry arrives at the Chemist's house and begs for his son's life, promising to leave town and never come back if they spare him, but the Chemist in unmoved, saying that Harry will inevitably return when he runs out of pills. She, Noir, and Sommers prepare to kill Harry and his children, but they are saved by a sudden attack from a horde of Flesh Phantoms, whom Ursula manipulated into killing Noir and Sommers. The Chemist saves Eli, but does nothing to stop Alma from killing and feeding on her own father. The Flesh Phantoms then turn on and devour each other, a side effect of the new pills the Chemist has created.

Three months later, Ursula has arranged for the Chemist to live and work in Los Angeles, while taking custody of Alma. She gives a racist police officer a sample of Muse, and he quickly turns into a Flesh Phantom and attacks a group of bystanders before he is gunned down by his own fellow officers. When Alma protests, the Chemist assures her that they are untouchable thanks to military secrecy surrounding Muse, and that getting rid of the police officer had been a community service.

After Ursula unintentionally causes a bloody riot of Flesh Phantoms by distributing Muse at a creative writing seminar, the Chemist and Alma leave Los Angeles for good.

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