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Chen Lo is a character from the second Tomb Raider film The Cradle of Life.

He was portrayed by Simon Yam.


Chen Lo and his brother Xien are the leaders of the Shay-Ling, a cutthroat syndicate of Chinese criminals.

As the Shay-Ling was supposed to deliver the orb to Jonathan Reiss, Chen Lo realizes its true worth and doesn't do so. He puts a cellphone to the box that was delivered to Reiss' men, and later on he is contacted by Jonathan Reiss himself. Reiss threatens to release a mysterious disease to Chen Lo's children, unless Chen Lo gives the orb to him. Chen Lo says that he will give the orb to Lara Croft, if Reiss harms his children.

Chen Lo discusses selling the orb with Lara and he even tries to sell her some stolen terracotta warriors. Lara fights him among the statues and eventually wins - in four minutes as she promised to Terry Sheridan. Lara first offers to spare Chen Lo's life if he tells here where the orb is. Chen Lo tells that it's in Flower Pagoda, Shanghai. Lara leaves, taking an amulet from Chen Lo - an amulet, which was found in the Luna Temple and could help Bryce Turing and Hillary in examining pictures taken by Lara from the orb.

When Lara turns her back on Chen Lo while leaving, he tries to shoot her, but misses. Lara then throws a knife at him, resulting in his death.



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