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Chernobog was an enemy of the Exiles - it is described as the god of evil and misfortune as well the ruler of the Dasun (demon-gods).


On Earth-3470, as one of the oldest Russian Gods, Chernobog was conjured by Darkstar to enter the Earthly dimension and save Russia from destruction. Once in the Earth dimension, Chernobog's intent was to blanket the planet with Darkforce, smothering every living creature and causing the Earth to become one large lifeless black ocean.

The Exiles were able to determine Chernobog's motives in advance, and were dispatched from the Panoptichron (Crystal Palace) to assist Alpha Flight in stopping Darkstar’s team, the Soviet Super-Soldiers. While the super-soldiers were stopped, Darkstar was in the middle of conjuring Chernobog, and inadvertently released him. Ultimately, Aurora and Northstar were able to hurt him with their light blasts, and Snowbird was able to send him back to the Dark Dimension.

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