Cherokee is a minor antagonist in Jack London's 1906 novel White Fang. He is the only dog to ever get close to killing White Fang.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Jason McDonald in the 1997 film by Goodtimes Entertainment.


Upon becoming a vicious fighting dog, White Fang mercilessly kills many dogs and animals (including several wolves and a lynx). Running out of competitors, he is eventually set to battle Cherokee.

Initially, the two animals are hesitant to attack each other, as they appear to display confusion and nervousness. However, the curiosity between the two opponents soon diminishes as Cherokee makes the first strike by attempting to lunge at White Fang.

Having anticipated Cherokee's assault, White Fang effectively reacts by narrowly evading Cherokee's attack. Although White Fang manages to partially injure him by wounding his neck and slashing off his back ear, Cherokee eventually gains the upper hand by sinking his sharp and thick teeth into White Fang's throat, blocking his airway.

The feisty Bulldog would have suffocated White Fang if the fight had not been disrupted by Weedon Scott, a young and sincere miner who rescued White Fang at the last moment.

Though not stated directly, it is presumed that Cherokee was transported back to his home place.





  • Cherokee was the first bulldog to be brought to Fort Yukon.
  • In the 1997 animated film, Cherokee is portrayed as a bull terrier instead of a bulldog.
  • In the 1993 series, Cherokee is portrayed as a black husky instead of a bulldog.
  • In the 2018 CGI film Croc-Blanc, White Fang's final opponents were a bull mastiff named Jocko and a doberman named Scratch instead of Cherokee.


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