It is my club!!! It is my turf!! And you just do what you are told, like the scum you are!! They are the ones with the problem!! They work for Penguin!!!
~ Cherry calling Nygma a scum and reminding Barbara, Tabitha and Selina Kyle that they work for Penguin.

Cherry is one of the major antagonists in the fourth season of the TV show Gotham. She is the former owner of The Narrows and was formerly the boss of both The Riddler and Leslie Thompkins.

She was portrayed by Marina Benedict.


Enslaving Leslie Thompkins

Cherry was offered by Edward Nygma a monstrous fighter. Cherry accepted Solomon Grundy as a contestant, just for the sake of manipulating both Grundy and Nygma for money. Cherry was holding Leslie Thompkins as a slave, and forced her to work as a doctor for the injured contestants. Cherry was satisfied when Grundy started killing other contestants.

Plotting to kill The Riddler

Cherry later comes to check up on Grundy, and reminds Leslie Thompkins that as part of their deal, she needs to make Grundy ready for another fight. Cherry later informs Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin about Nygma's whereabouts and blames him for revolting The Penguin's name. When Barbara applies Tabitha as a contestant, as part of a plan to get Grundy back into being the old Butch, Cherry informs Leslie Thompkins that she all along worked for Penguin, and she has plotted to get Nygma captured for her own benefit. After Leslie kills Firefly (who was supposed to burn down the narrows, under the orders of Penguin and Cherry), Cherry blames Firefly for the accident. However, Leslie reveals everyone that Cherry has conspired with Penguin and had Firefly hired, as she plotted to get Nygma captured and send her to Penguin. Cherry implies that it's her club, and calls Nygma a scum. As she angrily reminds that Barbara, Tabitha and Selina Kyle work for Penguin, Barbara shoots her to death, as she does not intend to serve Penguin anymore. Therefore, Leslie becomes the owner of The Narrows.


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