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Good job getting here. Told you not to, didn't I?
~ The Cheshire Cat taunting Allen.
We could eat dogs or frog, sure. But people taste best. Particularly souls that are ruined by despair and agony. Kids don't know much stuff. If you know what to take, it's easy to crush them.
~ Cheshire Cat explains Allen about his joy eating the souls that fell into despair.

Cheshire Cat is the main antagonist of the RPG Horror Maker game Alice Mare. Initially presented himself as the mischievous trickster of a guide of the Dream World where the protagonist, Allen Llewellyn, it was soon revealed that the Cheshire Cat himself is a demon with depraved intentions as he also trapped Allen's friends from a facility made for children with problems in order to devour their souls.


Cheshire Cat himself is an entity who wore a purple hood with one eye and an evil demonic grin appearing in his face. In addition to all of this, he seems to wear a purple military jacket with three belts wrapped around his chest and also a safety pin attached to the left ear of his cloak. He has a purple-black stripped cat paw for his hands with two nails attached to the left side of his paw and his lower body part is almost looks like a black cat with a tail.

After revealing his true appearance, it was revealed that he is a young man with a messy yet fluffy purple hair with some black cat ears and has a huge scar almost like Zuko's scar as he has a black sclera eye on the left side of his face while having cat like eyes on the right side of his face. There are several stitch marks appeared on his body which is justified as the Cheshire Cat uses the body from his victims for his own amusement.


The Cheshire Cat is a seemingly playful yet mischievous entity who often teases Allen during his journey across the Dream World, sometimes speaking in riddles about several things that concerning the world around him that brings a lot of questions rather than answers. In addition to all of this, he also prefers to call everyone around him "Alice" due to his callous disregard towards other people's real name.

In truth, the Cheshire Cat himself is a sadistic and malevolent demon who loves to enjoy the suffering of others as he needed their souls to satiate his own appetite despite having the ability to eat animals instead. For example of his sadistic behavior is that he torments one of the children of the facility, Joshua, in his dreams by forcing him to watch a hanged doll as it was revealed to be an allusion of his adoptive father who committed suicide, praying that Allen would succumb into despair or using a body parts of his victims in order to stitch it to his body for fun. In addition to all of this, he also viewed humans as nothing but a lowly species, viewing them as nothing but mere ant or a frog. To top it all off in terms of his vile personality, the Cat attempts to justify himself in order to cover up his dirty deeds.

Despite his malevolent and sadistic personality, there are several of times that Cheshire Cat does keep his own promise such as after Allen answering a riddle that he gave in Chelsy's dream, he then allows him to pass the river. However, towards the end of the game, he destroyed his own redeeming quality after making a pact with Allen and fusing together while using his body so that he could kill all of the children in the facility while Allen himself succumbed to despair.


A long time ago, the god of Alice Mare universe created two races: Humans and Demons. Cheshire Cat and his partner, the White Rabbit, came from the latter species and has the choice to eat several animals such as dogs and frogs. Deciding that those types of foods are not worthy of him, the Cheshire Cat starts targeting on people's souls to satiate his hunger and amusement, especially the ones that were broken due to their suffering and agony. However, the Cheshire Cat had some preference in children because they were an innocent and gullible prey for him and his buddies to devour.

To this end, he and his fellow demon created a disease known as the Nightmare Syndrome. Anyone who experienced this disease will have their consciousness trapped in a dream and never woke up from it. The Nightmare Syndrome plague itself was spread to a nearby town which killed a lot of people and left the sole survivor, Stella Northrop, traumatized and becoming a death seeker she is today as she was taken by a facility who cared for several troubled person due to the Nightmare Syndrome. 

It was soon revealed that the Cheshire Cat made a pact with the person taking care of the facility, David, due to the fact that the latter's twin sister, Fiona, committed suicide in order to escape the Nightmare Syndrome. This resulted on David trying to study the symptoms of the Nightmare Syndrome and tries his best to prevent it from happening by brought several kids including Allen and Stella to his facility. However, after making a pact with David, the Cheshire Cat decides to use it as an opportunity to gain more victims. 

After the deed is done, the Cheshire Cat then proceed to trap all of the innocent people inside the facility in a dream and forcing them to experience their worst nightmares such as Letty and Rick who have several nightmares of their abusive mother, Chelsy who experienced a nightmare after seeing a man tricked her so that he could brutally murdered her grandma while also took all of the medicines before being brutally murdered by her father, Joshua who experienced a nightmare by seeing his own adoptive father committed suicide and Stella who was forced to relieve a scenario where all of her family and the population of her own town died due to the Nightmare Syndrome. In addition to all of this, it was soon revealed that he is responsible for stealing all of the world keys and making his compatriot, the White Rabbit's, ears missing and his skin softer. The cat justifies it by saying that someone asked him to steal it.

Throughout the game, as Allen traversed across the dreams of several children in the facilities, the Cheshire Cat committed a mischievous yet despicable acts such as eating the soul of Letty's split personality twin brother, Rick, while discarding it after finding his soul not tasty anymore when Allen traveled on Letty & Rick's dream, forcing Allen to play his game by solving his riddle in order to cross the river in Chelsy's dream. And the worst act of them is that when Allen traveling to Joshua's dream, he made Joshua relieve his past seeing his adoptive father committed suicide by using a hanged doll.

After Allen manages to help the White Rabbit obtaining the world key by making all of the children in the facility opened their hearts which turned them into nothing but a soulless husk, the White Rabbit then warns Allen that he need to sacrifice one person in the dream world by stabbing them in order to escape the dream world due to it being unstable to live in otherwise all of the people residing in the dream world including the children will turn into a foam. As a result, Allen has no choice but to comply on what the White Rabbit has said by stabbing one of the children with a World Key that Allen managed to obtain in order to save all of the innocent people trapped in the Dream World while escaping from it. However, as soon as Allen stabbed one of the children, the Cheshire Cat took it as an opportunity to take the stabbed children's soul and eating it.

However, if the players decides to not let Allen stab one of the children in the facility, Allen then goes into the final world and encountered the Cheshire Cat who gleefully explains Allen about his crime on eating children's souls and how delicious they are when they were in despair. In addition to all of this, it was soon revealed that some of his body parts were in fact stitched from his previous victims as he stated that one of his eye came from a boy hurt by a sheep, his hair came from a girl who lost the light and his ears were from an abandoned black cat. After revealing his deeds towards Allen, the Cheshire Cat then asks Allen to make a pact to fuse with him together.

If the player decides to make a pact with the Cheshire Cat and fuse themselves together, the Cheshire Cat seemingly made a promise towards Allen that he will let the children getting out from the Dream World and promised Allen that he won't hurt them. However, turns out this was a lie fabricated by Cheshire Cat as he attempts to kill all of the innocent people in the orphanage just to make Allen suffer even more. However, if the player decides not to make a pact with the Cheshire Cat, it is soon revealed that in the one of the true endings, David sacrifice himself so that the children would be free from the Dream World. However, at the same time, it is soon revealed that the Cheshire Cat himself is still at large, preying on other children's souls alongside his demonic accomplices.


  • In one of the conversations, Cheshire Cat asks Allen: "So, who you gonna stab? Or are you gonna turn to foam?" The quote in question is directly references the original ending for The Little Mermaid.

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