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Stories you seek, that are not your own...lest be found down here, all alone.
~ Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat is the mother of Kitty Cheshire and the main antagonist of the Ever After High special Spring Unsprung.


In English, Cheshire Cat is voiced by Julie Maddalena Kliewer.



Cheshire Cat is neither malevolent or benevolent, she simply enjoys chaos and a good prank. However, she has a hard time recognizing when a joke has gone too far, and so she often participates in villainous acts.


Cheshire Cat has purple skin, a cat ear wire hair accessory and graying lavender hair. Her nails are pointy and her eyes are cat-like slits. The Cheshire Cat's shadow on a wall usually outlines the shape of a cat.

Fairy tale

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She is the mother of Kitty Cheshire, who did get out of Wonderland in time. She and Kitty talk to each other with Cheshire magic, and she encourages Kitty to be like a Cheshire and make chaos.


Chapter 3

TV specials

The Cheshire Cat finds Alistair and Bunny wandering under Wonderland. She uses this opportunity to trick them into a repeating route and switches the Storybook of Legends with a riddle book to teach Kitty a lesson. At the Spring Fairest, she finds her daughter pulling boring, preschool pranks on other people. She shows disappointment in Kitty and advises her to go big. She is flattered when Kitty aspires to make her proud one day. After the Cheshire Cat's switching plan works, she fades out. She watches with her daughter pleasantly as her plan falls into action. She answers to Kitty's call and would only give out information if Kitty beats her in a game. After being beaten, she's glad that her daughter's thinking like a Cheshire. Before leaving, the Cheshire Cat tells the Wonderlandians how to break the curse.


  • The Cheshire Cat shares a striking resemblance to Catwoman from Batman, specifically the Eartha Kitt version from the 1966 series.



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